30-year-old single mum of 12 admits that life is not easy with her, after separating with her husband

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A 30-year-old Australian mother of 12, Kim Tucci, narrates how it feels to be separated from her husband.

According to Tucci, it has not been easy finding her feet since May 2020, when she split with her husband.

She and her husband, Vaughn had a separated in May 2020 and on her Instagram page, the Australian posted a message saying she was still trying to find her feet as a single mum. Kim wrote: “Sorry I haven’t been around much lately! I have had to get my head around the separation with Vaughn and finding my feet as a solo mum is tough.”

She admitted that she was learning to pursue her own happiness and take charge of her destiny as she had realised that she is solely responsible for being.

She had earlier revealed on social media that she and her husband had decided to break up.

Tucci further said that, she and the man had decided not to be couple again but a team for the sake of their children. The single mum described the development as a closed chapter of her life as she faces an unknown future.

She promises her fans on social media that she would tell them many of her highs and lows during the split.

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