A Facebook user calls the spiritualist and social media influencer – Angela Nwosu, a scammer.

Janefrances Chinwe Iwuchukwu

A Facebook user, simply Identified as Zobba Zanne Zeuss took to her Facebook wall to narrate her dealings with Angela Nwosu, a spiritualist and social media influencer popularly known as Digital Ogbanje.

Zobba Zanne Zeuss writes ” Angela goes about fortifying blue eyes with spells and rituals she reads from a book of sorcery, spells she doesn’t understand because she is not a sorcerer and instead of the so called rituals to bring good luck, it begins to cause chaos and havoc in the lives of her clients.

Rather than stop what she is doing when people go back to complain to her, knowing they are evil and not working, she will say, “kupu nti” and “gba nkiti” then block the person.

According to Zobba Zanne Zeuss, this has nothing to do with freedom of religion but a strategy of painting illusion and scamming people of their hard earned money and in exchange, giving them something she knows is sterile.

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