A Middle-aged Man Decries Threats To Life, Killing Of Pregnant Fiancee Over Inherited Properties.

Lucky Efese

BENIN CITY– A middle-aged man identified as Richard Wefe, 28yrs, has decried what he regarded as overt display of threats to his life and his twin brothers, Ighodaro Wefe, 14 yrs and Omoruyi Wefe, 14yrs, as well as the brutal killing of his pregnant fiancée, Miss Doris Osakwe, by his suspected family members, an act arising from the properties, he duly inherited from his late father.

It is recalled that the said Richard Wefe and his twin brothers, became enveloped in problems, immediately after the death and subsequent burial ceremony of their later father, as their paternal family members, started threatening to forcefully take over all the properties which they inherited from their late father and that any attempt for them to disagree, they will kill him and his siblings, in order to pave the way for them to actualize their dastardly  minded act, not minding the facts that they are now orphans,.

Speaking with Journalists, in the area, a source who declined to give his identity for fear of being attacked and killed, said that the matter of forceful taking over the properties belonging to their late brother has been lingering  on to the extent that on the 28th of February 2016, when the said family members, have exhausted all avenues to take the properties by force, particularly against the backdrop of the series of threat messages sent to that effect, which did not yield the expected results, hired assassins to their (Richard Wefe & sibling’s) Osaiyekemwen Street, Uwelu Quarters, Benin City residence, with the intents to kill him and his twin brothers.

The Source further said that while he was at work, the family members, in order to actualize their nefarious plans,  mobilised their assassins to their residence and angrily shot his pregnant fiancée, Doris Osakwe, dead for not getting him, stating that after the killing of his pregnant lover, the assassins, who boasted to stop at nothing to kill him, (Richard Wefe) started looking for him and not succeeded, they vowed to also kill his twin brothers in his replacement before their maternal aunt, Mrs. Helen Esiso, smartly took them away to Lagos. 

The Source added that the family members, who were disappointed by the escape of both Richard Wefe and his twin brothers, also mobilized their killing squad to Lagos where they threatened to kill their maternal aunt, Mrs. Helen Eisio, whom they had ordered to produce the twin brothers to kill or else, they would kill her too.

The Source said that the family members, unknown to them that Mrs. Helen Esiso, had immediately after the gruesome murder of Richard Wefe’s fiancée,  reported the matter to the Police at the Area Commander’s Office, Benin City, even though the matter was currently being investigating to unravel the circumstances surrounding the brutal killing and threats, started planning to invade Lagos to capture the twin brothers before she (Mrs. Helen Esisio) further relocated them and herself to different areas, saying as if the threats to Richard Wefe and his twin brothers were not enough, the father of his deceased pregnant fiancée, also overfuelled the already bad situation, as he threatened to also kill him for facilitating the death of his daughter, whom, he said was not legally married to as at the time of this incidence.

He further explained that based on the timeless search for him to kill by his family who had been consistently sending threats messages to him, he had to escape the more, especially in view of the recent insecurity which had ravaged the country, pointing out that as at the time of filling this report, his whereabouts had remained unknown, but however, appealed to any relevant authorities who might be privileged to come across him to ensure he gets justice, since the family members are bent on forcefully taking over his legitimate right through the mechanism of killing them and his twin brothers and coupled with the threats from the father of the deceased fiancée.

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