A Middle-aged man on the run over Threats to Life for Refusing Cult Initiation

A middle-aged man, Ebose Ehis, has escaped being killed for refusing to join the Eiye confraternity cult group, a move said to have been masterminded by one of his neighbours in the locality.

It was gathered that the matter which has long been pending started some months ago, as one unknown boy who has lived in the neighborhood with the said Ebose Ehis, tried to force to join the ritual cult group and he refused, especially being a devoted Christian, the other cultists in conjunction with their comrades in crime started threatening to kill him for knowing little about them and that on one occasion they intercepted him on the way, he narrowly escaped.

An impeccable source who spoke to confirm the nefarious intentions of the cultists to journalists said that after Ebose refused, he eventually became the target to kill as the cultists tried to capture and forced him to undergo midnight initiation process at the evil forest escaped, a development which further heightened the already worsened situation hence the cultists kingpin who is a political thug to some high profile politicians in the state openly threatened to kill him and that no security agents especially the police that would unravel the plans and that since he had known much about their secret initiation procedures which they assumed he might reveal to the police and the public, they would kill him.

The source said that on the fateful day they almost got him to kill. Ebose Ehis who was very lucky to escape them when they intercepted honey on the way to church, escaped and all efforts to catch him did not yield results hence they openly threatened to continually be searching for him to kill for daring them

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