A Middle- aged women decries killing of mother, burning of family house by cultistsover unpaid loan

… Alleges threat to life.

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Uromi, Esan North East Local Government – A middle –aged woman, Abu favour has lamented what is regarded as cruel but brutal assassination of her mother, Mrs. Abu Lucy, by cultistscum assassins, suspected to have been sponsored by one Mrs.OkojieBlessing, over unpaid debt allegedly owed her by Abu Favour which was said to be used to traffick her abroad vide an agreement dated 27thJune 2010, at Uromi, the administrative headquarters of the Esan North East Local Government Area of Edo State.

The assassins who invaded Mrs. Abu Lucy’s family residence at No 37 Old Agbor roadUromi, in a commando style, callously pounced into the sitting room and opened several gun shots on her, killing her at the spot and thereafter said that her daughter, Abu Favour, cannot be spared especially in view of her unruly attitude in not paying the said loan which was the subject matter.

It would be recalled that Abu Favour was enveloped in the crisis, when the saidOkojieBlessing, approached her that she (OkojieBlessing) was ready to assist her in taking her abroad to work so that she could take good care of her mother, unknowing to her that the said sponsorer / Trafficker has ulterior motives of luring her (Abu Favour) into prostitution, which never gone down well with she and her late mother, because they are Christians.

Speaking to Crime Reporters at the scene of the assassination, a close family source who spoke on the condition of anonymity but declined his identity said that it was unfortunate that Mrs. Abu Lucy had paid dearly for what she knew nothing about or did not bargain for.

He said that he had lived in the neighbourhood with late Mrs. Abu Lucy for over ten yearsand that during the pendency of this matter, he was privy to some information and facts relating to the sponsorship of Abu Favour, stressing that while Mrs.OkojieBlessing was being frugal with the real purpose of sponsoring her abroad from the on set, it became sad that a deal which was struck secretly had gone into public domain by the assassination of Mrs. Abu Lucy, the mother of Abu Favour.

He stated boldly that after Mrs. OkojieBlessing tricked her (Abu Favour) to abroad, in 2010, she had wanted her to indulge in prostitution, but the defiant debtor (Abu Favour) who, never had the premonition of travelling abroad to make money through prostitution, did not comply because of her Christianity status, hence the said Mrs. OkojieBlessingwho was not comfortable with the development, then asked her to pay her thousands of Euro being the money she used to sponsor her.

The source averred that when the said Abu Favour refused, she (OkojieBlessing) then sent some cultists suspected to be assassins to her parents’ house where they threatened to kill them over the refusal of their daughter to pay the debt she owed.

According to the source, the parents especially the mother of Abu Favour, Mrs. Abu Lucy, who, never suspected any wrong sign arising from the sponsorship of her daughter, was penultimate week (20th October 2020), killed as she was relaxing in her sitting room by the assassins who struck by shooting her dead and thereafter threatened that since her daughter was already residentabroad, that they would continually be trailing her to kill, even if she comes to Nigeria, saying their madam (OkojieBlessing) has the financial strength to influence the police especially now that the police are less active in this post ENDSARS protests which currently rocked the country, just as he has appealed for the safety of Abu Favour whenever and wherever she is seen to avoid being killed unjustly over an illegal business transaction of human trafficking which the law frowns at.

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