A worthy eulogy to a political connoisseur, grassroot leader, effective mobilizer and patriotic Edo man, HON CHARLES IDAHOSA.

By Afolayan Timi

“We must never overlook giving honour to whom honour is due.”

It has been a great celebration and frolic in the camp of the PDP, the streets and homes of all well-meaning Edo people since the re-election of Governor Godwin Obaseki through a resounding and overwhelming majority of votes in the keenly contested September 19 gubernatorial election.

As we continue to relish in the hard-earned victory of the masses over political principalities who sought to entrench their unconscionable political desires with its ancillary economic benefits to them on Edo people, I have deemed it expedient to celebrate a dogged and pragmatic political leader who once again stood twice as tall over his opposing contemporaries in the tussle to return Governor Obaseki elected. This writeup is artfully sculptured to shower eulogies on one who overly deserves it, not in the manner of bootlickers and grovelers with surreptitious intentions but with the intent of inspiring other political stakeholders to follow his exemplary paths.

Hon. Charles Idahosa against all odds – persuasion, inducements, promises, mouth-watering sops, threats etc, maintained a staunch support and devotion to the Governor and his deputy in a manner that can only be likened to the devotion of a nun to religious activities; this bespeaks of his unblemished integrity, an attribute which is as scarce as water in the desert among this present generation of politicians.
Like legends in medieval wars tales, he fought gallantly across board to ensure the mischievous plots of the All Progressives Congress against the Torgba movement did not see the light of day. He aggressively employed his grassroot structure which is ingrained in Uhumwonde and all over Edo state and handed them one mandate – to deliver Governor Godwin Obaseki and Comrade Phillip Shaibu. He reiterated his capacity to clear the doubts of “doubting thomases” by securing 62.7 percent of the total votes cast in Uhunmwonde for the PDP while the APC grappled for the crumbs that fell off the table.

It is also noteworthy that Hon. Charles Idahosa did start leading the masses in battles against political godfathers and the epileptic leadership they provide recently. He has always been on the good books of the people having served in numerous capacities through which he endeared himself to the masses. As Chairman of Uhunmwonde Local Government in the 90’s, he brought electricity to LG headquarters, Ehor and several communities in the locality, a feat which several local councils are still unable to achieve till date. He equally served as Board Chairman of the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) during an era that was referred to as the golden era of the NTA and as commissioner and special adviser to successive state government administrations.

His altruistic love for the people made him sever his ties with the former National Chairman of the All Progressives Congress, Adams Oshiomhole when it became clear to him that the latter had developed a strong penchant for subverting the will of the people and trampling on whatever will be for their good.

I therefore join millions of Edos who are still celebrating our victory over the attempted imposition of democratic tyranny to celebrate Hon Charles Idahosa and thank him for showing us the younger generation the way to go in politics by staying true to the people, maintaining integrity over personal aggrandizement and more importantly supporting the development and progress of Edo state.

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