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On the 28th may 2020 the PDP state Chairman, Hon. Dr. Anthony Aziegbemi granted a live interview with the Channels T.V via telephone line. And he expressed the optimisn of the Party readiness to context the forth coming governorship election. As the party is hundred percent ready and willing to conduct free, fare and credible primaries election that will produce the most viable candidate to be the party’s flag bearer. 
The party primaries has been scheduled to hold on the 23 and 24 June 2020 respectively. And that all grievances in the party are being resolved to upbeat the general interest of the party which is to return the party to the governorship position of the State. This he said with very keen interest of excitement noting that the party emerged Aspirant will definitely win the State Governorship election that has been slated for September 2020. He therefore reassures all Edolites that PDP will lead a better and much profound administration in the State. Citing instances of APC misrule in the State as the basis of it judgement. He added that in 2008 APC met the state GDP at $16 billions which now staggers at $10 billions. Hence, if APC is allowed to continue they will wreck more advoc in the State.

On the issue of the novel Covid19 outbreak that is presently ravaging the World in relation to how it will affect the party campaign methods. Again, he assures all Edolites that the party will explore every suitable means for it campaign strategies as the party is proactive enough to stand the issues posed by Covid19. And added that strict adherence to INEC guidelines will be profoundly imbibed by the Party.
In summary, one can only but agree with the state chairman of the party, PDP that following the travails, hunger, insecurities, dwindling GDP and worse more that are currently bedeviling the State can only be brought to a halt by the PDP incoming lead administration. 


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