An Opposition In Comatose And Renewed Hope Rising; The Coming Of Dan Orbih.

Osilama Okuofu writes in from Lagos, Nigeria.

I do not blame Nigerians for voting in President Muhammadu Buhari in 2015. Politics is like Business. Business requires branding and marketing of a product. The All Progressives Congress, APC, effectively packaged a lemon as an orange to Nigerians and the rest is history. The process required deft opposition tactics driven by a certain Lai Mohammed who was so adept at spin, lies and subterfuge even CNN and The White House bought it hook, line and sinker.

This was an opposition machinery that brought down a government that put Nigeria’s Economy on the path of growth and development. An economy that was rebased and became number one in Africa, twenty-sixth globally, third fastest-growing globally with a GDP averaging 7.5 percent on a single digit inflation rate.
Unfortunately, however, under a pathologically inept government now at the Centre, the now opposition Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, is floundering in ineptitude.

For a government under whose watch the economy has tanked into perpetual recession, high interest, unemployment and inflation rates in an atmosphere of choking insecurity, one would have expected the PDP to be having a field day holding this clueless and visionless Buhari-led government to account. This is the sauce Alhaji Lai Mohammed would have devoured and relished doing. He did not need to cook up anything. Sadly this main opposition party is disappointing Nigerians groaning under the weight of maladministration and heavy tax burden on a people already emasculated by a government wickedly heaping more pain on the people at a time other countries are deploying palliatives and bringing succor due to the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Something has to change and it just may be on the horizon.
I was in Port Harcourt a few days ago for the PDP South-South Congress where a new Exco under the Chairmanship of Chief Dan Orbih was elected. Why is this relevant to the discuss?
As Chairman of the PDP in Edo State for some ten years, mostly under the administration of Comrade Adams Oshiomole, Chief Dan Orbih held the feet of that government to the fire and it was hugely why Oshiomole was able to achieve some of the feat his government achieved. Without a strong opposition that government would have bled Edo State dry and performed far worse than it did overall. So having been elected the Chairman of the PDP South-South, it ascribes upon him the title Deputy National Chairman which gives him the National platform required to do at the Centre what he did in Edo State. Never in the history of Nigeria has there been a greater need than now to hold a government to account.

I am hoping Chief Dan Orbih would be able to energize the party at the Centre and galvanize it to bringing freedom to Nigerians whose only error in judgement was trusting this insensitive and incompetent government by buying into the lies and deceit even those who machinated and sold it are now entrapped.

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