Apprehension Over Killing Of Octogenarian Grandmother As Cultists Threatened Grandson

Lucky Efese

Palpable fear has greeted residents and inhabitants of Nomayo area of upper sokponba road Benin City over the brutal killing of an octogenarian and grandmother of one Uyi Ekogiawe by cultists suspected to be members of the deadly Black Neo Movement popularly called black Axe over the refusal of the orphan, to join their cult group.

It would be recalled that the cultists who have never been comfortable with the attitude of the said orphan. uyi Ekogiawe, callously invaded the house of his deceased grandmother where he stay to search for him to be killed after turning down their forceful request of joining them especially in view of the fact that is an orphan and coupled with his moral status as a devoted Christian.

An eye witness who gave detailed accounts of what transpired but failed to disclose his identity for fear of being attacked said that trouble started when one boy whose name was not available as at the time of filing this report, but lives in the neighborhood tried to lure him into their cult group, but Uyi Ekogiawe being a Christian refused as his refusal never gone down well with them, particularly having previously understood their initiation process which they perceived to be dangerous to them and particularly to report their identity to the other rival cult groups or the police, started trailing him to kill .

The source said that the which started last year 2014 lingered on to yesterday when the cultists who were on rampage stormed the house of his grandmother and when they did not get him they angrily opened gunshots on her and killed her.

The source added that as if the gruesome murder of the old woman was not enough, the cultist boasted to stop at nothing in actualising their threats to kill Uyi Ekogiawe, who had escaped several assassination attempts on his life which later culminated in the killing of his grandmother.

The source confirmed that despite the security agents ‘ frantic efforts in curbing crime and criminal activities in the state the cultists had resorted to force people to join them even when it became glaring that there is freedom of association which is guided by law of the land.

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