Bbnaija2020:Laycon’s Reaction After Erica Insulted Him

Inem Esit

Erica really had a field day tonight after getting drunk, she called Laycon all sorts of names, and dared him to beat her, she was probably trying to get a reaction out of him to get him disqualified, but Laycon was so calm he even told Kiddwaya to hold Erica very well so that she would not get a strike, and he left to sit down and eat his food.

While he was sitting down to eat, Erica was still yelling at the top of her lungs at him, she said he looks poor like a chicken full of bones and so why would she ever be attracted to him in the first place, not to talk of making a move on him while she was drunk, and so he was obviously lying to everybody. She then said she was only attracted to his brain but not anymore after finding out that he is actually an evil person.

The type of restraint Laycon had on himself that made him to completely ignore all she said and to continue to discuss with his friends is a skill that needs to be learnt.

He told Vee that the first thing he wants to do once he leaves the house is to go download Trickytee’s song, and her song because he would really love to listen and pay attention to those songs, he then said he would most definitely need to go and stream Erica’s movies and see her act her roles in those movies. This comment made Vee to start laughing.

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