BBNIJA2020:Dorathy Shares Same Bed With Laycon

Inem Esit

The biggest twist in the ongoing reality TV show, Big Brother Naija season 5, Lockdown edition is about to happen as Laycon and Dorathy continue to grow their friendship. This is a friendship that most of the viewers of the show and fans of both housemates never actually expected. The friendship just started all of a sudden and is beginning to grow and develop, even the viewers and the fans are beginning to love the two of them together.

The two housemates also took their friendship to another level this night, as they both share the same bed. Dorathy was even seen touching Laycon’s hair while he was sleeping. Some viewers are now of the opinion tat maybe the two housemates are now intending to take their friendship to another level.

Aside the fact that they both shared the same bed tonight, they were also both seen together all through the day, talking to each other and having fun together. Viewers are now encouraged to keep their fingers crossed and watch how this twist would play out.

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