BBNija2020:Reason Why Laycon Was Forced To Sleep In The Garden Last night

Inem Esit

This turned out to be a miserable night for Laycon in his big brother’s house in what should have been the best night.

He was plunged into a state of self-denial, frustration, disappointment, and remorse owing to the actions of Erica and Kiddway against him in the house. He is made a laughing stock in the house as well as on social media with each passing day as many consider him to be a fool in love.

The whole thing was eclipse last night when he was criticized for making Erica drunk instead of stopping her from consuming too much alcohol. They forget that he was the one who ensured that she’s in her bed and had her friends around him.

Kiddwaya kissed Erica in his face, as if that wasn’t enough, while he would definitely be assuming he should be the one who was showering her with kisses and warming her bed. He’s distressed as his heart beats for the woman has slipped into the arms of another man through his hands.

Over to you. Do you think Laycon has a chance with Erica or he should just let her go and remain with Kiddwaya.

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