BBNIJA:Why I Gave Vee A Low Mark – Brighto Opens Up

Inem Esit

We are well aware that the Indomie task held yesterday with the housemates divided into seven teams and three groups.

The task held in two stages. The first stage involved the housemates getting into the arena and selecting five ingredients they would use to prepare their Indomie. After the selection,they had to pick the prop ingredients from a giant pot in the arena before proceeding to the kitchen where each group has thirty minutes to make their meals.

The second stage involved presenting the meal in the arena and talking briefly about their individual cultures. In this round,each teammate was supposed to taste the dish made by his team member and rate it on a scale of 1-10.

While other teammates scored their partners between 9 and 10,Brighto scored Vee 6 while Vee scored him 7.

These low scores from the two of them surprised most of the housemates especially when Biggie introduced the twist to the sharing formular for the prize money won.

Few minutes ago,Brighto was seen in the bedroom discussing with his supposed love interest Wathoni. They talked about the task generally with Wathoni implying that it has been her best task so far(why wouldn’t it be?she won 335,000 naira!).

She went further to ask Brighto why he gave Vee such a low mark for her Indomie dish to which Brighto replied that Vee herself scored him 7 points so there wasn’t any difference.

When Wathoni asked if it was some sort of revenge for the score she(Vee) gave him,he told her that he didn’t have prior knowledge of the points Vee gave him before he scored her 6 points.

He finally opened up to her and said that Vee’s Indomie was not nice,he even implied that he was being nice by scoring her 6 points but it was all good.

Well,we do hope that this little incident does not cause any sort of rift between Vee and Brighto in the Big brother house but even if it does,we are all for that.

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