Precious Felix Ikhimwin

Call it another episode of SHOW ME YOUR FRIEND. . . The unfortunate Pastor, Osagie Ize Iyamu has again been bursted.

In this viral video making around the fake Pastor is seen ordering his blood sucking demonic boys to unleash mayhem on the unsuspecting, peace loving Edo indigenes in the forth coming gubernatorial election. Further asking them to move from one polling unit to another, from Ward to Wards, and from one Local Government to another. .

The self acclaimed Pastor assures the likes of Tony Kabaka that his main purpose for running for the Governorship election is primarily to fulfill their deceitful yearnings even if it is at the detriment of the masses.

It’s high time the Edo’s rose to the occasion with their PVC @every polling unit to vehemently reject APC and it flag bearer in the forth coming election. . .

To be forewarn is to be forearm. Just yesterday (25th July 2020) this script were witnessed by many (who scampered for safety) being acted live by these Osagie boys calling themselves lions and tigers in front of the royal Palace, at the very entrance gate of the highly Reverend Benin Monarch. What a desecration of our Royal stool

Osagie Ize Iyamu and his thugs should be swiftly reminded that vehicular movement of persons and possession of firearms are electoral offenses

The only known Lion in Benin Kingdom and beyond is the Oba of Benin. Tony Kabaka must be called to order for questioning and his unguided utterance in this video should be thoroughly investigated by constituted authorities and men of the arm forces. So everyone can know the reason behind him calling his recruited men of questionable character lions and tigers. And their assigned mission in the forth coming gubernatorial election in Edo State.

POI is a name synonymous with thugery, violence, cultism and retrogression.

This is the only pastor I have seen that preaches violence. And his congregants are mainly rogues, thugs, assassins, kidnappers and their likes.

Edo do not want to make the mistake of returning violence and violation of our right to power as a People. We deeply cherish this peace of mind and Justice that the current administration has labored so hard to returned in the State. Edo is sick and tired of war and anyone that is found preaching or instigating such should be called to book. This is the reason Osagie Ize Iyamu must be ostracized at the ballots with our PVCs in the forth coming gubernatorial election. POI is nothing but war instigator and loves violence so much that he couldn’t live without it. Reason he was rusticated in the university of Benin.

Let’s vote for continuing, peace, stability and Justice. Our peace loving Governor Godwin Obaseki is a house hold name that has earned his reelection bid through hard work and developmental strides in the State

Always remember the Biblical injunction thay states, ‘Resist the devil and he will flee from you.’ Let’s resist Ize Iyamu and his cohorts and they will flee from us! A word is enough for the wise.

The result oriented Governor Mr Goodwin Obaseki deserves a second term in office. PDP ALL THE WAY.

We can’t be intimidated now!


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