Billionaire Kylie Jenner bashed for refusing to tag black designer

Janefrances Chinwe Iwuchukwu

Kylie Jenner took to her social media page to share a photo of her wearing a dress but failed to tag the designer

This has stirred up dusts as many people criticized her for being a racist since she refused to tag designer because he is black

This is coming just days after the socialite was mauled online for going on vacation during the pandemic

In the fashion business, most celebrities usually thank their designers and collectors for products and services they buy from them by posting the same on their respective social media pages, whether they bought them or were given for free.

This act has a way of giving the designer a chance to have their brands get massive popularity through social media and possible clients who may be following the celebrities.

The US socialite, Kylie Jenner recently attracted negative publicity after failing to credit the designer of a dress she wore and whose photo she shared online.

The whole melee started when the black designer known as Loud Brand Studios posted several photos of Kylie wearing their dress dubbed Limited Edition Raw Edge Vashtie Dress.

Kylie posted the same on her page but ”forgot” to tag the designer on her post.

All hell broke in a matter of minutes as many pounced on Kylie and bashed her silly online, calling her racist.

Many held she failed to tag the designer because he was black while others reminded the rest of the world the lass does not usually tag anyone, including her stylists, hairdressers et al.

The socialite was also accused by a cross-section of social media users of deleting the comments that were tagging the brand.

Kylie never rectified her error as she has not yet tagged the brand yet despite the criticism.

This is after she was spotted in a luxury resort in the desert.

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