Chief Monday Iyore Osagie, Pays Tribute to Rt.Hon. Zakawanu Garuba

The Executive Director of Acheivers Grassroot Initiative (AGI) Chief Monday Iyore Osagie has joined millions of sympathizers to mourn the late Former Speaker of Edo State House of Assembly Rt.Hon. Zakawanu Garuba, who passed on in the early hours of 18th July, 2020 after a brief illness. In his words, Chief Monday Iyore Osagie told our correspondence that the late Lawyer and wellrooted Grassroot politician, lived to the best of his ability… His tribute

Rt.Hon. Zakawanu Garuba, you were not just a member of PDP, you were not just an Edo born, you were not just a Speaker, you were indeed a brother to all of us.

The tears and heartbreak has currently swept the laughter off our faces, when we learned of your untimely departure, we mourn not because we lost hope, but because we will forever miss you, there is no another Zak to us, where will Edo State find another Oshioze, where will Edo State find another Speaker Zakawanu Garuba? everyone smiles, but yours is different, Oshioze, you lived well and impacted much lives.

For me, my family and my team AGI, Saturday and Sunday is dedicated for your smooth passage, work is suspended for your sake.

As you move along to the home of abundance peace and rest, remember we love you and your space is still much alive and active in our heart, PDP loves and mourn you, AGI loves you and the tears will hope to find a time it stops, Edo political is filled with silence, your departure made us to understand that we can truly love one another, if only we but choose to love ourselves.

I’ll allow you to rest now, that’s what the creator the father of all has chosen, I can’t question it, rest on my great brother and friend, God be with you Rt.Hon. Zakawanu Garuba, till we all meet to path no more.

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