Funny how we use expressions whose real meanings are lost on us and only expose our ignorance. Water off the back of a duck connotes imperviousness and impenetrability even on matters that should concern us. Likening the reaction of the Deputy Governor to water off a duck’s back could be the reason why reasonability is alien to him as he is cut-off from the realities around him. It equally connotes arrogance and nonchalance; two very negative qualities the Deputy Governor is reputed for.

Having gone through the write-up of one Chris Oboh, who was a last-minute, campaign-only, election-used Special Assistant (SA) to Governor Obaseki, one cannot help but notice the fact that the write-up was in it’s entirety EMPTY and only a poor hatchet job by a desperate individual seeking another appointment by the Governor and his Deputy.

Chris Oboh had focused his entire write-up on the messenger, and in this case, Omobume BobManuel Umoru, the Edo State Chapter Coordinator of the PDP Mobilzers by being most Ad Hominem while ignoring the message.

I would for the sake of the very good people of Edo State bring you all back to the issues adequately spoken about in the virile video of Omobumhe BobManuel Umoru so that such DECEIT MERCHANTS do not go away with the gains of their stock-in-trade.

The issues discussed aren’t rocket science but rather of governance being provided by a leadership that much is expected from and one we all have come to note most regrettably as lacking any iota of sincerity.

  • The Governor and his Deputy should as a matter of urgent importance do away with their dubious plan of deceitfully and forcefully changing the duly elected Party Executives from Wards to State in view of installing their stooges.
  • The Governor should form his Cabinet and face the business of governance squarely.
  • The Governor should show concern for the Security of lives and properties as this is the primary purpose of Government and act proactively to checkmate the heightened rate of insecurity across the length and breadth of the State.
  • The Governor should address our failing Education Sector as our Schools lack teachers and are highly understaffed.
  • The Governor should be seen working for the State and stop promoting all these Media hype as what we now see when we wake up in Edo State is STAGNANCY and nothing else.

The aforementioned are the thematic preoccupation of that video by our able Edo State Chapter Coordinator of the PDP Mobilizers, Omobumhe BobManuel Umoru.

It was therefore unfathomable to see Chris Oboh’s vane attempt at smearing the well-earned image and reputation of a sincere and indefatigable leader of our Party, in the person of Chief Dan Osi Orbih on an issue he knows not the beginning or execution of all simply because frustration has set into the mind of his paymaster whose ill-thought out strategy of taking over the party structures in Edo North failed woefully due mostly to unbridled arrogance and political naivety.

Chris Oboh should know that there’s abosulutely no need to be prejudicial in a matter that is pending in a Court of competent jurisdiction as it’s a norm world over that he who alleges must provide proof. Why then would you attempt to hoodwink Edo people with your tell-tale of fraud against Chief Dan Osi Orbih when the matter has not been adjudicated? One even wonders where Chief Dan Osi Orbih comes in. Is it Chief Dan Orbih that has armstrung the government from functioning at full capacity months after swearing-in? The man played his part in getting these ungrateful duo reelected, almost lost his life in the process, disregarded thereafter and has moved on to carrying out his National Assignment with focus. That is what should be happening with the Governor and his Deputy.

In furtherance of your naked dance in the market square, you also went ahead in denigrating our dear Edo State Chapter Coordinator of the PDP Mobilzers, Omobumhe BobManuel Umoru by claiming that he spent 10 whole years in School and yet ended up a drop out. How far wouldn’t you condescend to enable you earn the cursed stipends being dished out to you by the Deputy Governor and Damian Lawani?

For your information, Omobumhe BobManuel Umoru was a very firm and dedicated Student Unionist and graduated with Honors in his field of study, PoliticalScience. He also went ahead to add a Masters Degree.

True to the character of your paymasters, when it was convenient, the Governor and his Deputy silently applauded the same Omobumhe BobManuel Umoru when he did a video condemning and calling out Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu over his interference in the Edo State Governorship Election of September 19, 2020, but now that he has in his nature spoken truth to your ‘gods’ in power, Deputy Governor Phillip Shaibu is quick to send ill-equipped goons like you after him to the extent of making number-concealed threat calls.

We are a Body with a sincerity of purpose, good conscience and we shall continue to speak truth to power not minding whose ox is gored for the power of the people is far greater than the people in power. Edo must move forward to greatness but the heavy lifting has to be done not farting around wasting a people’s mandate!

Mr. Ohi Imoukhuede is the National Publicity Secretary, PDP Mobilzers.

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