Members of the rival Eiye cult group, have again launched search for two members of the Black Axe confraternity cult group, Bright and Happy Asemota as well as their younger brother, Mavis Asemota 7yrs after they (Eiye cultistS) had allegedly killed scores including Pa Sylvester Asemota, the father of the escaped members of the Black Axe cult group, following the rival cult clash which ensued between the Eiye and black axe cult groups at the campus of the state owned College of Education Ekiadolor, Benin.

Recall that the cult clash which started in September ending to Early October 2014, when Bright and Happy Asemota, both leaders of the Black Axe cult group, allegedly killed a member of the Eiye cult group and in exercise of their revenge mission over the death of their member, the members of the Eiye then took the war to the streets of Benin, particularly to the house of Pa Sylvester Asemota, where they saw the younger brother to Bright and Happy Asemota, Mavis Asemota, who was abruptly identified by some of the Eiye cultists, who usually sees him (Mavis) with his brothers and they threatened to kill him in replacement of his escaped brothers as their father of the escaped Black Axe members, was trying to disabuse the thoughts of the Eiye members in killing his innocent son, Mavis, they (Eiye cultists) shot him dead.

As if the killing of Pa Sylvester Asemota was not enough, the Eiye cultists in an attempt to kill Mavis, use cutlass to cut his hand and before they could bring out their guns, Mavis had escaped their bullets, even though it was absolutely clear that Mavis was not a cultist but he always delivers foodstuffs to his brothers, Bright and Happy in the school campus, a development which the Eiye cult members took as an advantage to recognize him (Mavis) in alliance with the escaped Black Axe leaders, who are his elder brothers

Our crime correspondent reliably gathered that as the cult war rages, the Eiye cult members have resorted to killing any suspected members of the Black Axe while threatening to continually search for the escaped Bright and Happy Asemota to kill, just as they (Eiye cultists) also threatened to also look for their escaped younger brother, Mavis Asemota, to revenge the killing of their (Eiye cult member) to the extent that they visit to their house on daily basis even till now, just as the police are yet to brief about the recent development, especially with regard to making arrest and bringing the perpetrators to justice in terms of adequate investigation.

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