Duplicitous behaviour… PDP Chieftain Spits fire.


Duplicitous behaviour in all human endeavour. only births anguish , hatred and fratricidal relationships amongst hitherto rational people .

As a stakeholder, i am compelled to make my comments on the situation in Edo state , not minding whose ox is gored ! There must be people in the room who can advice and guide power away from implosion .

The current impasse in Edo State has again shown the worst in human character , scheming , evil , greed and disposition .

Even amongst thieves there is honour . It is my prayer that the people charged with and blessed with authority and power in Edo today , will take a deep breath and understand that everything in life is but for a moment . What is important is the legacy you leave behind .

Caligula is often remembered as a selfish and capricious ruler whose ineptitude weakened the Roman empire during his four-year reign.

The impasse in Edo is avoidable and unacceptable . The buck stops at the top .

The Oshiomole years in Edo state was an absolute disaster . Godwin Obaseki carried the hopes and aspirations of millions of people . He has a solid pedigree , educational background and a decent exposure to life beyond Edo state .

It is therefore shocking that he has not called on these life experience to bring about interaction, integration with a people who saved his face and a few hundreds of his supporters who joined the PDP having been made totally impotent in the APC.

I am a stakeholder in the PDP . If speaking the truth would mean that I’m ostracised, so be it . My God the loyalty to my party and my conscience and the love of my people will stand for me .

The people goading the Governor to be hardline unrepentant , disrespectful of the legal course of events and unappreciative of the people who made the PDP attractive are evil , desperate and of the worst specie of human kind .

I think and frankly too , that the Governor is a good man and I’m absolutely sure that he is not operating on his own steam .

I have always maintained that considering the exceptional circumstances of the governors rescue from shame and political oblivion by the PDP , he ought to go over and above to ensure understanding with those who made his new platform attractive .

Even more so that those who came with him did not make any statistical significance to the fortunes of the PDP at the first test , the 2020 general elections .

Sadly , even his Deputy Governor turned out to be a mere paper tiger .( his electoral performance alludes to this )

Mr Governor needs to get round the table with genuine stakeholders who stood in the gap during the days of famine , not opportunistic punters and fair weather leaders .

He would be a Roman Augustus in Edo politics should he bring about a stronger more virile Edo , by acknowledging the power and strength of his adoptive party , and harnessing such rather then decimate .
Augustus was one of the greatest emperors of the Roman Empire .

He knows them. He knows all the stakeholders , from LGA to the state . He was speaking with them prior to nomination and during the rigorous campaigns .

He was on the opposing side and he knows and has read about people who held the party for years , he knows of the force that made Apc sleepless , he went on campaigns throughout the 192 wards to achieve his second tenure with the Architects of the PDP.

If truly he has imbibed the PDP spirit and acknowledge the PDP forbearance, This is the time now to pull back from the brink and get back to the drawing board to build a plan that is conscionable .

He should be the leader of all PDP not create and stoke factionalism.

It is not too late for this Governor to be overcome by the Holy Spirit to do the right thing . The tough man is that who realises he has gone on a frolic of his own and retraces his steps .

Prosperity beckons if only we discard the the masquerade of greed and lack of foresight and work together for the common good .

BARRISTER OLADELE BANKOLE BALOGUN, is a PDP Chieftain from Akoko Edo LGA of Edo State, he’s a former Federal Commissioner.

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