Edo Clash:Verbal war as APC Reveals What The PDP Said May Work Against Obaseki, Blasts Wike

Yinka Adeboye

The two strong major political parties taking part in the forthcoming governorship election in Edo State have continued with their verbal exchange as the election approaches.

The All Progressives Congress, APC and the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, have kept on disclosing some certain things that may implicate the governorship candidate of their opponents in the election. Apart from the PDP making some revelations that may affect Osagie Ize-Iyamu who is the APC governorship candidate in the election, the APC has hit back at Governor Wike of Rivers State who is the Chairman of the Edo PDP Campaign Council. The APC went on to also reveal what the PDP had said earlier which could affect Governor Godwin Obaseki in the election.

At first Governor Obaseki was a strong member of the APC while Ize-Iyamu was in the PDP and he was the party’s governorship candidate in 2016 governorship election. Then, the PDP made some comments against Obaseki to discredit him. Now Obaseki has joined the same PDP which he left before, While hitting back at Wike for discrediting Ize-Iyamu, the Chairman, Certain things were made known by the chairman of campaign council of APC, John Mayaki said that PDP and its ”band of tax collectors” are the real dying products going by the revelation of the Rivers Governor on how the party’s leaders allegedly sold the PDP ticket to Obaseki.

Speaking specifically on Obaseki, Mayaki said that the PDP are stuck with a man the party had described as a failure. He went on to add that the things the PDP said on the third anniversary of Obaseki’s administration which could work against the Governor in the coming election are in the public domain. He added that all could go and read up the things the PDP had said against Obaseki then and now the same Obaseki is the candidate of the PDP.

Recall that Wike had discredited Ize-Iyamu basing his arguments on what the former National Chairman of the APC, Adams Oshiomhole had said about the APC candidate some years ago. Ize-Iyamu was the PDP governorship candidate in 2016 when Obaseki was that of the APC. Oshiomhole heavily backed Obaseki and then campaigned against Ize-Iyamu. In doing that, Oshiomhole made some negative comments against Ize-Iyamu which Wike decided to play up now to discredit the APC candidate.

Wike had said that Oshiomhole had accused Ize-Iyamu as a ”bad product” who was not good to be the Governor of Edo State. He added that Oshiomhole said so many negative things about Ize-Iyamu including how he was rusticated from the university for engaging in some acts. Wike further said that it was an insult on the Edo people for Oshiomhole to turn around and start marketing the same Ize-iyamu to the Edo people now in 2020.

Will the verbal exchange help any of the two parties? For a start, the verbal exchange and the revelations that emerge as a result are expected. This is because what happened in Edo in this 2020 is a complete switch of what happened in 2016. So, the two parties are bound to use some of the negative comments made by the opposing parties in 2016 to their own advantage now. Winning the Edo election is very crucial to both the PDP and the APC. So, each of them could play up the negative comments that could affect their opponents with a view to scoring some political points that would favour their own party.

The negative comments may sway votes in any direction depending on the conclusion of the Edo voters at the end of the day. However, Oshiomhole factor is both a challenge and an advantage to the APC. He made some negative comments against Ize-Iyamu and now he is campaigning for the same man. That is the challenge. Many people may not believe him now as Wike said. Also, Oshiomhole is an advantage to the APC because he knows Obaseki and his secrets well and could use those things to the advantage of the APC. Moreover, he can go all the way to convince people to believe him after all, he still has good followers.

The APC may still go on to release the details of the negative things the PDP said against Obaseki to counter the points the PDP is making against Ize-Iyamu. At the end, the verbal exchange aimed at discrediting opponents may actually favour any of the two parties that plays its cards smarter than the other.

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