Edo Decides Her fate 2020 – A Narrow Path That Seems Broad.

By: IKHINMWIN Felix Precious.

A wise man once said, ‘Nigeria has only one problem; LEADERSHIP’. That’s really simple to fix. Isn’t it?
Does it means therefore, that if we can stand up and fix the leadership of this Nation every seeming problem would have been over? Yeah! Great idea!
But this indeed is such a huge task, that’s not really as simple as it sounds especially in Nigeria where bribery and corruption is almost a Norm! 
Sometimes one can be really poised to think the Nation is under spell of some sorts, but God forbid. 
How else could have a Nation been divinely blessed better than this. Starting from it well Structural Outlines, Climatic expression, humidity, Natural endowment, Her rich Cultural Heritage, Diverse ethnicity and her most lively populace that is simply and patiently  Crying for a functional leadership……………
However, sadly, the great philosopher, Chief Obafemi Awolowo once described Nigeria as a mere geographical expression. This isn’t so far from reality considering the geometry in relation to how leadership are elected at the National level.
Edo state being a State in Nigeria has it own share of it leadership problems too. Election is here Knocking again, it’s time we decide our fate. Let’s get the leadership fixed! Pay a little sacrifice now. Don’t sell your voting right for some scrumptious desserts! Else you will go hunger for the next four lengthy years. Stake wise.
Every sheep needs a shepherd, every script a Character………..
Wait! We can actually make these phrases more beautiful with addition of an oversight ‘premise’ Let’s go. REPHRASE.
Every sheep🐑needs a good Shepherd………..Just as every Patient needs a good Doctor……..And every Organization needs a great leader! Hence, Every Edo indigene needs the best candidate for GOVERNORSHIP. 
Obaseki is good but Edo needs the best! You get that now? Ok.
A Candidate who can lead a visionary  inclined leadership saddled on proactive approach as it bothered on Governance instead of a reactive approach borne of political chauvinism.
Give right thinking a chance. Remember it’s the little ‘extra’ before the ‘ordinary’ that makes the big DIFFERENCE! You don’t need ‘the good’  when the BEST is around. 
Still need a qualitative leader in Edo? One option comes to mind. And that is: Rt. Hon. Dr. (Engr.) Omoregie Ogbeide Ihama.
Support, Nominate and cast your Vote for him as Governor, Edo State, comes sept.2020. That’s one name you can truly TRUST!
PDP, Power to the People!

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