Edo Leadership Crisis and Vacuum: The Task Before Edo PDP.

By Isaiah Jesuobo

(This is a follow up to my yesterday article written to respond to one Comrade Chris Oboh)

Doors and Windows closed gives a feeling of absence. There is no point denying that there is a leadership crisis and vaccum in Edo State as the government under Obaseki is drawn away from the people both physically and spiritually. And the burden of responsibility today must be taken up by members of the party that offered him ticket to run without actually interrogating his personality after he was thrown out of APC for anti-party activities.

I am not here blaming the party leadership for that decision because the generality of the people didn’t know much about his character and disposition and those of his inner circle, and the people actually wanted to send a strong message to Oshiomhole for advancing the political notion of Godfatherism, which he once said he had defeated in the state. Oh, how trying to spite Comrade Oshiomhole made the people spite themselves and would carry the consequences for the next three additional years!

All these are now in the past; what makes a man is when he falls, how many times he is quickly able to pick himself up to move on. PDP must be able to stand up after falling to the wiles of Obaseki to move on. PDP in Edo State has been a known brand with millions of dedicated members who held their forte for over 10 years in the opposition. Obaseki has come to diminish it. Without any kind of political patronage, the party was a formidable opposition for this long. And today, even being in government, sadly, it looks as if the core party is in the opposition.

A little snippet into the way Obaseki works psychologically will give us a clue: what he does is simple but complex. He gets some sets of people together, drive an idea into their heads, fix them up, charge them against their leaders, dispose their leaders off using them as tools and when that is done, he dispose those people off too. He then goes to recruit new sets of people to further his ambition to climb yet another ladder. This has been his ways since 2016…the likes of Tony Kabaka and co that were used to win the 2016 election were discarded like rubbish immediately and he recruited other sets, OSM, which he used to discard Oshiomhole. Then he discarded that set by joining PDP…now, he is at the verge of discarding PDP yet again with the help of some new sets of foot soldiers…To be forewarned is to be forearmed. Now, that the core PDP leaders know they have been used to get the ticket in 2020 without anything to show for it.

So the faithful PDP members must be able to resist this use-and-dump idea by holding their party firm. Thank God he was not able to dismantle and dissolve the PDP executive in the deceitful name of harmonization in the state he met before he was giving ticket by the resistance of some core PDP members. The members must continue to hold the tenets of the party strong from the state, LGA, ward and unit level. Members should askew infighting which the new PDP members sow in their midst. They should forget about the pecuniary gain from this government, it won’t amount to anything. Nobody should sell PDP for #40,000 or #80,000 appointments. The Commissioners don’t have old PDP members among them, even and as at that, nothing much will happen for the next three years. They will used and discarded too and their character will be maligned with queries of embezzlement as former LGA Chairmen are going through today.

Eating with Obaseki, you must have a long spoon, even as at that, you can’t be guaranteed safety from afar.

Since inception, it will shock you to note that Obaseki has not been funding the PDP secretariat in Edo State. He is the leader of the party and ought be the one, according to the party’s tradition, to be funding the day to day running of the party, either through rallying well meaning members of the party, or through other legal means. Oh, one will not expect him to do that since after using some leaders of the party to dissolve the state excos and it failed, you don’t expect the vindictive governor to be funding the party. As of today, the state excos fund their activities themselves except in some instances where he will send handful millions to LGA for Vote of Confidence on his leadership. One will wonder why sending millions to LGAs so that they can video members clamouring for “vote of confidence on our amiable governor and his deputy for the job they are doing…” How laughable, how amusing, how empty and how pitiable are such endeavours when there are no teachers in schools, no doctors in hospitals, no construction of roads, no human capital development, no security of citizens…no single sense of direction. All these forced vote of confidence will be recorded in videos and his foot soldier will send them to him and he will be relishing in them because the money he has sent to the poor for the excercise has yielded results. He will be there in government house watching, “I hereby move the motion of Vote of Confidence…” and there will be a thundering of “I seconded!” To me, this are evidence of failure and dictatorship. Nothing invalidates a politician as much as performing what he was voted to do. That is, keep the social contract you signed with the people.

So PDP must start disassociating itself from the woeful administration of Obaseki and his clansmen. People should start talking, alignment must be sort across boards, political disobedience should be effected, Civil societies should be encouraged to add to the ranks, his actions should be denounced, his policies should be queried…

His administration will bring failure to the solid PDP brand. From his inability to constitute a cabinet for a year, running a one man show with a state budget, lack of performance, dictatorial tendencies, injust revocation of lands belonging to perceived opponents, insensitivity to the plights of the people, insecurity, failed promises…to the recent forced vaccination, the Edo State people are generally at loggerheads with this administration and in extension, with PDP under which he is serving. So it is now politically and morally imperative for members of the party to rally round their old leaders to disassociate themselves from the Obaseki led administration. If this is not done, his leadership style and vacuum of representation would rub on PDP before 2024.

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