Edo PDP Rumbles As Obaseki Fails To Form Government.

There is palpable disquiet within the leadership and other stakeholders within the Peoples Democratic Party in Edo State over the failure of Governor Godwin Obaseki to form his government against his February target and promise. Recall that the Governor, on reelection, had promised to have his cabinet and other key appointments in place by February. This did not happen and questions are being asked as to why.
Our Investigation reveals that the bone of contention, which has pitched leaders against each other, is not unconnected to the call for “dissolution” or “harmonization” of party Exco positions across all levels being proposed by the new entrants from the All Progressives Congress, APC, who joined the party in the run-off to the 2020 Gubernatorial Election and those original members within resisting it.
In recent weeks attempt by some absentee leaders of the party from Edo North, led by Chief Mike Ogiadomeh, had attempted to set up an Elders Council with the aim of pushing through the evil agenda of some former APC party Members into the PDP Party structure; a move which was seen by some as unconstitutional and was roundly resisted. The Elders Council was renamed something else eventually with the objective of being merely advisory. And just a few days ago, leaders from Edo South, led by former Senator Uzamere, are posturing for harmonization of positions within the party, in contrast to the position of notable leaders like Owere Dickson Imasogie who is of the view that constitutionality should hold.

When contacted on the phone yesterday on the goings on in the party, a leader who prefers to be anonymous posited that “what is at play is a divide between political carpetbaggers on one hand and guardians of the party on the other.

How else would people like Ogiadomeh and Uzamere, whose political loyalty to the party has always been suspect, be the ones pitched against dyed-in-the-wool party stalwarts like Senator Odion Ugbesia, Ezomo Raymond Dokpesi and Pa Imasogie?

The first set are “Political Traders” whose selfish aims of having their children appointed Commissioners & Chief of Staff is well known so are willing and ready tools for distabilization. The second group are guardians of the ethos of the party and unwavering in their stance at ensuring the party structure is not butchered by these “political pirates and buccaneers” who are driven by pure selfish motives. Their calls for harmonization is faulty and disingenuous especially given the states they try to draw inferences from”. He concluded.

Asked what he thinks the way forward is, the leader said “I will not pretend to be all-knowing but I had suggested that the Governor meets with the real Leadership of the party and fashion a way forward. This digging of heels and taking rather extreme positions will not help us. Politics requires discuss and compromise. There is no leadership without followership. Rather than”Harmonization” we should be talking “Restructuring”. How do you harmonize duly elected positions? Do you ask constitutionally elected Exco Members to give up their positions just because you are in Government and need footing within the party you decamped to which was fully functional? The same Exco that got you reelected? Or do you reach an understanding where some of these Exco positions are swapped for Government Appointments?

The Party is the Party and the Government is the Government. This has to be understood and that is the way-forward conversation we should be having now”. He concluded.
Asked what he thought about the failing of the Governor to keep to his words he responded”I really do not want to go into all that. I am sure you can extrapolate and make logical deductions from all I have said. This is not a one-man show or a one-man failing. All parties must meet, jaw-jaw and be ready for “give and take”. Anything else would just be tantamount to continuing this macabre dance and oscillating in a void”.
We hope the relevant actors who have the real leverage to resolving this matter get together soon and strike a way-forward deal as against these political journeymen without clout and relevance who are busy overheating the polity with their empty grandstanding.

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