Edo2020 Gubernatorial: Primate Ayodele Predicts Winner Of Election

Bob-Manuel Umoru

The leading prophet of Nigeria, Primate Elijah Ayodele has revealed the candidate who will emerge winner of Edo state election which is scheduled to hold on September 19, 2020.

The Primate revealed that without rigging and manipulation, PDP’s candidate, Governor Obaseki will win the gubernatorial election while APC’s candidate, Ize Iyamu will lose.

He said, that Gov. Godwin Obaseki need to be focused and do all the needful things because God wants to fight for him with the gubernatorial election.

Primate Ayodele made it known that APC relies on rigging and manipulation and according to what God shows him, anyone who rigs the election will die of Covid-19

‘Without mincing words, this is what the lord said, Obaseki should be focused, do all the needful things, Obaseki will win, not Ize Iyamu , excepts APC rigs and anyone who rigs will die, just as I said Covid-19 will kill those who corrupted Nigeria.

Edo election is more than what anyone can stop, Edo election is for PDP, God wants to fight for Obaseki, I have never met him or collected any kobo from him, if I have, let him come out and disgrace me, I am talking as a Prophet.

I even like Oshiomhole than Obaseki and I don’t pity Obaseki but Oshiomhole will not be the one to give the next governor to the people of Edo state, I’m only saying what the Lord is telling me to say.

Anyone who rigs will die of Covid-19, Obaseki should wake up, He will win without manipulation and rigging’

While speaking on Adams Oshiomhole, the former National chairman of the All progressive congress, he stated that he is shameless because of how events have played out of recent. He said Oshiomhole introduced Obaseki to Edo people as a good man but now he is back to say such person is bad, which is why he shouldn’t be listened to.

He also blasted Edo based prophets who have been silent over the situation of things in Edo state despite the fact that Pastors and men of God are meant to be light.

‘Oshiomhole isn’t ashamed, he introduced somebody to the people of Edo as a good man now comes back to say he is bad, that means if they believe in his campaign, what Ize iyamu will do will be worse than what he is doing now.

It seems the Edo pastors are very busy now, they are silent because they don’t want to offend the politicians, my friend, Apostle Suleman is part of them too because he is between two of them so he might not say anything’’

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