Edo2020: The Multi-Diamensions of APC Problems.

By: Chief Monday Iyore Osagie and Mr Elempe Dele.

Everyday the sun rises, you must come to the social media to read about one new problem that APC has just discovered about itself in Edo State. For APC, it’s Politics is Discovery. From the cracks in the party comes daily reports of one problem, legalistic in nature, or the other.

Just today, one of the legal aides to Pastor Ize-Iyamu, POI, wrote that after POI had registered online (the said site had been found to be a scam which invalids his purported registration) he went to his ward to register under the chairman. And that unfortunately, out of desperation by Governor Obaseki, the said ward chairman was abducted and forced to recount the fact that he had ever signed POI’s registration. There is however a legal contraction in this whether the spewed narrative is true or not. First, will the courts listen to this hatched  gossip, which is usually a mixture of truth and untruth, passed around by words of mouth which has become the culture of APC?

To the courts, this will be just another rumour not to be admissible. In fact the judge will even frown at at such nuisance before him. Secondly, even if there is truth in it in court of public opinion, did the said chairman ever made a formal police report on his abduction and mentioned that the governor masterminded it with intention to make him recount the fact that he duly signed POI to join APC? Not only that this will be adjudged as the most useless excuse for invalidation of POI’s seeming forged registration, it is the most flaccid I have ever heard in recent times.
As it were, POI’s legal candidacy is steadily and  increasingly going up in flames like a river running out of injective supply during the dry season. From his inability to register duly at the ward level, his inability to send his application for waiver through the ward-LGA APC Secretariat-the state executive-to the APC national headquarters…to Oshiomole not being able to arouse the National Working Committee and National Executive Council to ‘agree’ on his waiver… everything seems legally wrong with his candidacy and difficult to defend in the law court, when it will surely get there. 

On the other side of the faction, which is championed by Obaseki, he is with as much problems as Pastor Ize-Iyamu. His faction Chairman, Anselm Ojezua, had disagreed with the National Working Committee about the mode of primary to be used for the party in Edo State and had gone to adopt the indirect primary. How legal this act is remains to be seen. Secondly, the National Working Committee had ratified his removal from office and whether it is legal for him to continue to act on behalf of the party is another legal question.

If not, whatever his actions have been will be termed illegal. And again, if Obaseki’s camp does not seek legal interpretations of these matters that have risen before going to the primary next month, who exactly will he submit his results to after conducting his own primary against the proxy Mr. Mathew who just bought forms to contest the primary with Obaseki in what could be termed a frail political gimick? And how will Obaseki be able to compel INEC to come down to Edo State without the National Working Committee to supervise the primary? 

So from all indications, the APC Problems today in Edo State are greater than whatever problems APC were in Rivers and Zamfara States last year, which made them go to bite dust. And you must give credit to Comrade Adams Oshiomole for this one and others to come.

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