Eromosele Ojezua

(Failure to adhere to Court Ruling amounts to Contempt and the implications are known)

The Constitution of PDP is and remains sacrosanct hence the difficulty in forcing people out of their elected positions.

Way back in December 2020, February 2021, April 2021 and in July 2021. The Governor was repeatedly advised on the best way to integrate his APC members who accompanied him into the PDP during his travails, when he was disqualified from contesting in the APC and had no where to go.

The Leadership of PDP at the National, State, Governors Forum, National Assembly Caucus Edo State etc advised Governor Obaseki that PDP has a Constitution that she guards jealously, however that there could be local understanding for the benefit of those that came with him into the PDP to be carried along, Mr Governor please what do you have for PDP as way of appointments so these can be offered to those executives interested. This was the best way to integrate everyone since he rushed into PDP through the window so there where no defined agreements though he did not forget his Deputy but PDP still agreed.

Mr Governor had a completely different agenda, he turned down all attempts to help bring everyone together as by saying “I AM NOT A TRADER, I AM THE LEADER SO I WILL NOT TRADE POSITIONS” Unfortunately, he forgot that he was a trader between May and June of 2021 when he traded with Uche Secondus to illegally join already concluded PDP Gubernatorial primary process.

Governor Godwin Obaseki apparently had plans to patronise only his APC cronies with his appointments and cabinet positions hence he insisted he wasn’t a trader and would never trade positions.

As soon as Mr Governor succeeded in giving all key positions to his APC people, from Deputy Governor to SSG to Chief of Staff to Deputy Chief of Staff to Special Advisers to Internal Revenue Board leadership etc. He was still not satisfied, he further went on to appointment his APC people into 11 Grade A ministries as Commissioners.

Few days after naming a one-sided Commissioners list, Mr Governor calls for a Stakeholders Market meeting with adverts on print and electronic media to discuss Harmonisation/Integration. At that point it was clear that this Governor Obaseki was not a good man, that he did not mean well for the PDP he met. Haven made all his key appointments and given to his APC people, he did not only agree to now be a trader but was ready to now trade giving one week to start and finish trading. (Our MUMU don do)

To God be all the Glory, he who sees the beginning and the end will never forsake the righteous.

The NWC, Governors Forum, PDP leaders at the National and State levels have told Mr Governor Obaseki to please keep to the Constitution of the party as he can not now force trading on the people. All your good tomatoes you have kept and now want to trade rotten tomatoes.

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