Family accuses another family of allegedly killing son over land dispute

Family of Odia, has accused the family of omoruyi of allegedly killing their son, Edwin Odia, over perennial land dispute which ensued between the two families, just as the said family of Odia has also accused omoruyi’s family of threatening to kill the deceased’s mother, sister and the only surviving brother in the family,Festus Odia,who sustained very serious injuries while trying to resist the attack which led to the killing of his brother in the crisis on the 22nd of July, 2016.
It would be recalled that the family of Omoruyi who is considered very rich and politically powerful in the locality,has been trying and attempting to forcefully taking over their family land and when they (Odia family ) tried to find out the reasons for such an ugly development,the Omoruyi’s family hired thugs to attack them and in the process killed one Edwin odia and while laying ambush to kill the only surviving brother to the deceased,Festus Odia,he escaped.
A source who spoke on the condition of anonymity but refused to disclose his identity said that the omoruyi family had long been terrorizing the locality to the extent of forcefully taking over people’s lands even without recourse to the law of equity.
He said that the escape of Festus Odia did not go down well with omoruyi’s family hence they threatened to trail him to kill since he had dared them.

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