Family In confusion Over Death of a Grandmother, Threats To Kill Eldest Son Over Inheritance

Lucky Efese

The family of Owie Lucky of Erie Street Benin City have lamented the killing of a grandmother of one of their sons, Efe Owie who is currently on the run to avoid being killed over his right to inheritance of the properties of his late father, Owie Lucky who died in a ghastly motor accident along Kaduna road some months ago, while the said Efe Owie and his step brother, Junior Owie, sustained injuries.

It would be recalled that their late father had a shop where he sells sculpture works which he gave to his wife and mother of the said Efe Owie, Mrs. Felicia Owie, before he got married to another wife, Mrs. Rosemary Owie, who had a son for him before his demise.

Worthy of note is that no sooner their father died than the wife of his late father, Mrs Rosemary Owie in conjunction with his uncle, Mr. Osagie Owie threatened to kill him if he Efe Owie decided to inherit his father’s property which is right but in exercise of their sinister moves, his step brother on collaboration with his father’s wife and uncle sold the landed property which his step brother use to buy a jeep car and as that was not enough they also went to his mother to relinquish her interest in the shop which her late man though they did not married legally established for her to assist her son to be trained in the school.

When the mother of the said. Efe Owie, refused, they threatened to kill her and son and it was on that premise they escaped but disappointed by the escape of mother and son, they callously went to the house of his grandmother possibly to check whether they were hiding but when they did not find them, they killed his grandmother and thereafter issued continued threat of searching for him and his mother to kill for not allowing them to overshadow the properties of his late father.

In addition because his father’s wife and uncle have money, they have vowed to frame him up in a criminal case he knew nothing about in the event he escaped being killed to justify their conscience over inherited properties especially when it became glaring that his mother had sold her sculpture shop at Erie Street, a development which further heightened already bad situation.

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