Fiancé Of The Lady Who Was Crushed To Death,Blame Cold Stone For Her Death

Inem Esit

The Fiance of the lady crushed to death by Trailer in Lagos weeks to their wedding, breaks silence. Here’s what he said about his late Fiancee.

The man who was heart broken about the demise of his fiancee took to a Facebook group to pour out his heart regarding her death.

According to his words, he described his late fiancee as the most precious woman in his life, and the woman he cherished so much. He also wrote that their wedding is just few weeks ahead and then she died on Wednesday morning, August 12, and he described that day as the day he will never forget.

He also wrote that on Wednesday morning when she about to leave for work, he complimented her and they both laughed about it. So he took her to the bus stop as usual and she bought he and his friend egg rolls, and then she assured him that she would be back home by 5pm to cook for him as she hadn’t cooked for him in a while because of her work.

He never knew she was saying her final goodbye to him. He wrote that she was the only woman that has cooked for him and she brought joy and happiness to his life.

He also wrote about Cold Stone Creamery where she worked and how they stressed her with so much work. he said he warned her and advised her to stop working there but she didn’t listen. In his words he said “I warned you about Cold Stone, they are blood suckers they don’t care about you”.

He accused them of making her go through pains and also accused them of using her pictures for advert without paying her.

He also wrote that the drinks for her bride price is ready and they were supposed to go shopping for their wedding the next day. When he was told she had an accident, he tried to save her but then it was too late. On his way there was traffic but he came down from his car and ran until he saw her, but then she was already dead. He cried and screamed in the middle of the road when he saw her body.

He also narrated his ordeal at the mortuary when he took her corpse there.

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