Gas Explosion in Lagos, fourth victim dies

Joseph Precious

A young man who identify himself as victor , died as a result of several injuries he sustained in the gas explosion, which occurred on Innua Muhammed Street, off Asa-Afariogun Street, in the Ajao Estate area of Lagos State, on Tuesday.

The young mane named victor who was a tailor by profession, was said to be working in his shop when the explosion occurred in one of the adjoining shops where gas was being refilled into cylinders.

Victor was reportedly rushed to the nearest hospital, Faith City Hospital for treatment but was pronounced dead on arrival.

The report reaching us was that three other persons died on Tuesday during the explosion and that no fewer than nine shops were destroyed as a result of the explosion.

When one of our correspondents visited the scene of the incident on Wednesday to see the situation of things, the residents identified the deceased victims as a businesswoman and owner of the gas shop, Titilayo Adeyanju, her daughter, Funke, and a customer identified simply as Alfa.

It was learnt that Titilayo had closed for the day when the welder, Alfa, came in a commercial tricycle to purchase gas at her shop.

Residents of the area, who spokewith one of our reporters, said Titilayo initially refused to attend to Alfa, but after much persuasion, she changed her mind and instructed her daughter, Funke, who usually assisted her, to attend to the customer.

However, as Funke attempted to transfer gas from one of the giant cylinders into the miniature cylinder brought by the welder, the whole shop exploded.

The impact of the explosion was said to have blown Titilayo, Funke and Alfa into pieces.

A vulcanizer in the area, who gave his name simply as Rabiu, said Funke was trying to fix a hose on a giant cylinder when the explosion occurred, adding that he escaped being killed by a whisker.

Rabiu stated, “I was joking with Titilayo and walking away when her daughter opened the shop to attend to the customer. I usually shy away from helping her to roll out the cylinders, because they are too heavy. Funke was trying to fix a hose on a giant cylinder when it exploded.

At first thought it was a three-storey building, which was under construction on the street, that collapsed, but looking back, I saw many shops and vehicles on fire; I quickly rushed back and saw that mummy (Titilayo) had been killed by the explosion. She was blown into pieces.

“The impact of the explosion tore Funke into pieces. Her decapitated head was picked from the next compound, while other parts could not be retrieved. The welder’s head was picked from the three-storey building under construction.

The tailor, Victor, was seriously wounded in his shop, where he was making a dress for a customer. His waist was severed by one of the giant cylinders. He was still alive and pleading for help when people rushed him to the Faith City Hospital, which is some metres away from the scene of the incident. Unfortunately, he died as soon as he got to the hospital.”

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