Housemaid In Lagos Discloses How Her Boss Abuses Her In The Presence Of His Friends

Now a days the unthinkable events unfold beneath the shades of secrecy in different places, which mostly have a tremendous amount of impact on the innocent and helpless. Some people wonder if what they say is true that nothing is hidden under the sun, as what maybe kept or done in secret most times break out one way or the other.

This is the confession of a woman who works as a Housemaid in the Lekki area of Lagos state. She has come out to reveal to Nigerians what she has been experiencing while working as a Housemaid, and needs your advice on what steps to take for the sake of her 3 kids. Let’s have her story below


My name is Doris, I am 34 years old from Delta state. I was 22 years old when i got married to my late husband who gave up when i clocked 29. Life moved very smooth for us throughout the time we spent together as a family, until he was called to glory. I was a full time house wife, because he refused me working and insisted I must sit at home to look after the kids, he wasn’t a rich man but we were very comfortable until he passed on, and since then it has been series of issues everywhere. He was the type of man that never took our family issues outside and was always reserved. This made his brothers and sisters jealous of him in a way, because they could see how comfortable we were and that we didn’t need to beg them for anything, just as some of them did to others. The moment my late husband passed on, everyone turned their backs at me and my children leaving us to face the heavy tides alone, and as a result of this development I had to seek for a job so as to take care of my kids and to make sure they continue with their education.

Two years ago, November (2018) I got an offer to work as a maid at the most vulnerable point of my life, and I had no other choice but to accept the offer since the little we had that kept us going for a while had depleted significantly, and there was no one willing to assist us. After accepting the offer, I was taken to meet my employers at their residence in Lekki phase 1, a family that consist of a man, his wife and 2 grown kids not below the ages of between 22 – 25 years. Upon arrival at their place I met with the woman of the house and after discussing extensively with the woman, she accepted me after a brief closed door meeting between herself and the husband which I felt happy about.

I began work the following day and moved into the house a week later, as I was given one week to find a place for my kids and someone to take care of them, since they wouldn’t accept them in their home which is normal. It wasn’t easy for me getting someone to look after them but it was the only option I had to secure the job, and the only opportunity which I had for them to have a proper education since my madam promised to pay their school fees, and to take care of them in exchange for my services to her family. After 8 months my madam travelled to Dubai to bring in her goods since she is a jeweler and that was how it all started.

The very first day she travelled, her husband called me upstairs to help him clean up his room that my madam had misplaced so many things in the room while she was trying to pack her things together, immediately I got upstairs he grabbed me and threatened to send me away if I refused him. I remembered my children and their studies, so I started begging him in tears to please understand my situation but he turned down all my pleas and forcefully had his way. He did that to me every day because his children are most times not in the house as they are fund of going out always.

Sometimes he would invite his friends too to join him until madam returned in September ending after two months of her trip, things became normal again. I have taken in for him/them more than 9 times now but he always gave me pills. This continued again when she travelled January this year, I am so confused and feeling used with no option to rely on.

My madam hasn’t been able to return due to the corona virus issue, and the case has so worsened that i don’t know what to do or whom to seek help from without losing the only source of livelihood I have. I have three children who are still young, and I don’t know if I should speak with the authorities as that may worsen my situation. I am really tired of the experience, and the honest truth is I can’t tell all I am going through at the hands of this people here because they are really terrible things. I have thought to inform my madam many times but someone at the market whom I explained to, gave me an advice not to tell my madam that she would chase me out of the house. I saw a confession of a boy named Uche on opera almost two weeks ago now and decided to try, if I would get advice on what to do. Please I need your advice. Thanks and God bless you

Obviously, the woman needs advice on what to do. She confesses as a means to reveal how her boss and his friends are presently abusing her. Please let’s share this to other people so they can be informed of what’s going on, such wicked act must not have a place in our society.

Note: Some part of her story had to be cut off for public consumption.

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