If Obaseki dumps Edo for career politicians (Part 1)

By: Martins Olubade, Ph.D
Professor of political economics

Edo will immediately slide into the league of states in Nigeria that cannot pay workers salaries let alone pensions and trainings. Only the application of sound and strict economic tactics can keep a poor state like Edo afloat in recession.

Obaseki saved Edo from the 2016 – 2018 Nigeria economic recession when many states richer than Edo couldn’t afford salaries. He was not only comfortable paying, he was clearing inherited back log, including pension arrears.

We hope and pray Edo don’t loss him as Nigeria is set for another round of recession due to the Coronavirus pandemic. I hope Edo doesn’t learn the hard way. You may not appreciate a technocrat in difficult economic situations like we now have in Nigeria until you make the “outside common sense” mistake of having an established politician as Governor.

Established politicians don’t care about your tomorrow. They care about the next elections. They want to maintain their political structure with your money. Rise up with your common sense and say NO. Power belongs to the people. It actually belongs to you and I.


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