Kassim Afegbua: An article of no peculiar worth.

Orobosa Edokpolor

A patriotic member of the PDP, Edo State chapter, has dealt a hard knock on Mr Kassim Afegbua, whom he said is not a member of the PDP family, excerpt of the letter addressed to Mr Afegbua, reads

Dear Mr. Kassim Afegbua,

I read with much disdain, your comments against Rt.Hon. Engr Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama and our party leaders, for no defined reason. Excerpt below:

“Hon. Ogbeide-Ihama got swallowed up by the politics of money that has become the bane of Nigerian politics. He was ambushed by Governor Obaseki’s desperation who was ready to use any amount to railroad people in the party to buy into his aspiration.”
© Prince Kassim Afegbua

I honestly do not envy your lifestyle, in my findings, I see you as a man enveloped in greed, pride, selfishness, talkativeness, and a very malicious person, capable of selling his soul for any unworthy purpose, why are you singing Adams Oshiomhole’s praise, is it not because of money?

You have been maligning leaders of this party without remorse and recourse to wisdom, what do you expect the leaders and members of the Peoples Democratic Party Edo State chapter to do? Did you call Oshiomhole names, when he rigged all the 2019 primary elections across Nigeria? You are now busy complaining on a process that was settle on the table of brotherhood and collective understanding.

You said, Rt.Hon. Engr Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama, “was swallowed up in politics of money”, what a rotten statement and remark to be made by a man of your assumed status, not evryone has a very low integrity standard like you sir. You open up a very wide hole in the wall of your defense and would become a prey to me and every wellmeaning PDP patriot.

Every well-meaning Edo Citizen and most especially those in PDP, we all know what #Ihama stands for, even in the darkest of the nights, we know him very well, but what do you Kassim Afegbua stand for? You call yourself a PDP member, yet defend a man known by all as an enemy of Democracy, a man who has been deceiving himself, thinking he is doing so to the people, what are the good traits you find in Adams Oshiomhole, that you can boldly ask your children to emulate?

Rt.Hon. Engr Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama, is a man of proven character, he has been tested by series of events, at day and night, this event have equalled him to be referred to as tested and trusted, I need not explain to you how the nickname the “JINX BREAKER” came about, you may not be able to fathom it quickly. He (Ihama) represents a new order, which your kind isn’t in support of, no wonder you would prefer an Oshiomole to an Obaseki, see your life!!!

You were hoping to be Deputy Governorship candidate, but to who?
PDP leaders cannot make such a mistake, not even in the next world to come, if such opportunity ever arise, we would give it to a very, very sick “GOAT” than waste such ticket on your kind, it would be waste of paper to even write the first alphabet of your name, we can’t progress in making such heinous error.

The decision of Rt.Hon Engr Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama and other aspirants, was orchestrated by the Almighty God himself, he didn’t mortgage our future, his vision and party for monetary reasons, he is a patrioric leader. Hence, we all agreed to work for the victory ahead, we will vote Gov. Godwin Obaseki and his Deputy and your cohorts would be put to a perpetual shame, after September 19th, you and your gang of political rascals would wear the stinky garment of shame and this would be the beginning of your end and evil reign.

As it stands politically, Rt.Hon. Engr Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama, is a National Asset, you’re not even a local asset, talk more of been above, you’re simply a would-be family asset, that is to say, for all your years with the Afegbua family, your membership is still under consideration and galloping debates, as a managed and directionless Commissioner, what did your family benefit from you, let alone your community?

Let’s organize an election between you and #Ihama, we would give you one year to campaign, after which #Ihama would campaign for a day, I bet you, the result would make your cry for 9months, what I am trying to say is simple, just as you are an article of no perculier worth to your family and community, that is what you are presently to PDP and Edo State.

You are not in any way better than any of our leaders who took decision and called for series of meetings, ahead PDP Primary election, for you to openly challenge and berate the collective resolve of the party hierarchy, shows you’re not a card carrying member of our great party, PDP is a leadership party, you need to wake up to this reality.

The proverbial saying, is not now applicable here; show me your friend… Now that we know that Adams Oshiomole is your friend, we truly will deal and treat you as a threat and a resident evil.

There is no good virtue in you to be emulated, you are a man of easy virtue, a political vulture, but be of good cheer, I have bought a new catapult and have hewn good stones, you will fall down like Goliath, you political Chichidodo.

I am Jesus Army… I have my eyes on you always.
For the records, Bob-Manuel Umoru is my name, we will resolve this issue amicably on paper and TV, let me know when you are ready.

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