Masks Breakout in Fashion Trend

Janefrances Chinwe Iwuchukwu

Everyone wears masks as a precautionary measure to cushion Covid19 and as a result it’s become an accidental trend. Unlike most fashion statements, it is born out of necessity and care for people around you. But it does not change the fact that for the most part, we all now have to wear masks when we go outside.

Fashion brands have become innovative in this new way of life. Many labels have begun creating masks and infusing them with a little fashion personality. Some have also added charitable components to their designs, choosing to donate a portion of their mask proceeds to various causes.

Brands like Collina Strada, for instance, have made masks from headstock materials and added tie-dye patterns overtop; with each purchase, the brand also provides 5 masks to health care workers in New York City. Other brands such as Reformation have even begun styling their campaign images with masks too, showcasing floral masks to match their sundresses.

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