Meet Salwa, The Lady Without A Heart

Inem Esit

Have you seen the woman without a heart in her body but carries her artificial heart in a bag? Today am going to tell you about her.

The name of the woman in question is Salwa Hussein. Salwa is a 39-year-old mother with two children. Due to a heart failure, she has to depend on an artificial heart made in form of a bag for her to survive.

The bag containing the heard has a device with two batteries which are weighing 6.8kg. She has to move anywhere she is going with this her heart bag. If a disaster strikes, they have 90 seconds to connect her to the back-up machine or else it will be another story entirely.

Salwa was suffering from a heart failure but she was too I’ll for a heart transplant and her husband recommended that an artificial heart should be made for her. Her heart was removed and replaced with this artificial heart.

Her case is a rare case in the world but the surprising thing about her is that she always put on a smiling face as if nothing is wrong with her. Sometimes, I reason the kind of pains she will be going through carrying the bag that contains her heart everyday.

See her photos below.

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