Nigeria: A Truly Failed State In All Ramifications.

By: George Ibifubara Jumbo

Whilst we are busy protesting and aimlessly gyrating about #ENDSARS, let’s not loose focus about Nigeria being a completely failed state in every ramifications. Nigeria’s failure in this regard are the resultant effect of decades of extremely bad, vision-less, corrupt and a viciously evil leadership. Unfortunately, this bad behaviour has over several decades metamorphosed into a monstrous hydra headed evil beast that is today enabled and encouraged by Nigerians themselves.

Every Nigerian stood by whilst our leaders decimated and systematically impoverished the Nigerian Police Force and it’s officers. Today we are angry and protesting for the complete disbandment of a small micro unit within the Nigerian Police Force without taking critical cognisance of the major fundamental issues that has completely crippled the NPF.

Our make believe and serial ineffectual protest of #ENDSARS would never change the despicably ugly situation that beset and overwhelm the Nigerian Police Force or any organisation with the unfortunate prefix of that name “Nigeria.” SARS is a small unit within the Nigerian Police Force and consequently a realistic reflection of the decay and humongous rot that has become institutionalised in the NPF.

The attached pictures exemplifies one clear example of how completely abandoned and neglected the Nigerian Police has become. The pictures were taken when Nigerian Police officers on patrol raided a criminal hide out in Bonny Island, Nigeria.

On close observation I realised that the police officers who are the first and last line of defence /protection for our security in a community like Bonny lsland were issued a rickety jalopy as their patrol vehicle. FYI, there are currently no roadworthy patrol vehicles operational @ Bonny Island Divisional Police Command.

The DPO of the police station has no official vehicle to meet his logistics and operational requirements. Further inquiries revealed that these police officers use proceeds of funds extorted from okada commercial operators and other road traffic defaulters to purchase engine oil and fuel to ensure their patrol vehicle is operational.

Now what should sicken any sane human being is that Bonny Island is host community to NLNG gas tank farm/export terminal, shell crude oil export terminal and several oil/gas services multinational companies. Crude oil and gas are 2 major sources of foreign exchange earnings for Nigeria and they are exported from Bonny island to the international oil and gas market.

But yet in this same Island where social corporate responsibilities should be effectively utilised and government presence felt in the proper care of our policemen and women, the NPF’s situation is the same pathetic show of inestimable shame and unspeakable failure.

Whilst our local community chiefdoms and political elites pay lip service as usual and arrogantly flaunt their ill gotten wealth in the midst of unbelievable abject poverty our police community continue to suffer the same neglect and abandonment Nigerians have experienced for decades.

The Bonny Police barrack is a dilapidated, filthy and desecrated human enclave not fit for normal humans to occupy. And yet these people that are caught in this vicious and evil circle called Nigeria just manage to remain patient and stay, in the pretext of serving and protecting Nigerians.

It’s unfortunate that Nigerians have now suddenly realised via the atrocious and ruthless killings of innocent souls that we need to end a leprous and cancerous unit of the Nigerian Police Force that has turned on it’s callous and unconcerned citizens. But the salient question we should ask ourselves about #ENDSARS & the pitiable NPF’s situation are as follows:

  1. What are the root causes that has prompted SARS officers to act and behave in the most cruel and lawless manner?
  2. What would the protest for #ENDSARS now translate to in resolving the underline and generational pathetic predicaments of NPF?
  3. Are Nigerians now going to be for once truthful to themselves in actually and collectively agreeing to resolve the fundamental issues of the NPF?
  4. Do Nigerians actually understand or sincerely appreciate the critical importance of the Nigerian Police Force and why this momentous period is all we have to resolve this festering ugly issues and many others once and for all?
  5. SARS is just a micro aspect of the humongous rot that has consumed and overwhelmed the Nigerian Police Force. So are we now genuinely ready for sustainable and enduring change?

Unfortunately, until we genuinely and critically addressed the fundamental issues that has overwhelmed the NPF with honest intent to turn things around, we are no where near ending SARS or resolving our current failed state status.

4 thoughts on “Nigeria: A Truly Failed State In All Ramifications.

  • October 15, 2020 at 6:49 pm

    The protests to #EndSARS# is like two edged sword. The protest in a way, if it is properly directed would help the police force itself and also help the EDUCATED southern youths who are constantly being brutalised. The police is being helped because it calls attention to their plight and their horrible condition. But because most of the police are foolish they turn that gun on the youths who are
    indirectly advocating for them. Currently the demands of the youths include reforming the police which is to their credit while on the hand the youths in the South are seeking to eliminate the violence perpetrated on them by the CRIMINAL SARS.

    • October 17, 2020 at 5:38 pm

      Very well written piece, George. The current protest may very well be the beginning of the all round change we all long for in Nigeria.

  • October 18, 2020 at 2:03 pm

    Very well written. Something has to ignite the much needed revolution.

  • October 20, 2020 at 6:15 pm

    This is part of the problem and should be addressed, however the Police are realising that the protest apart from SARS is pro them and some didn’t feel so initially,it is for the protesters to expanciate that but all in all SARS had to go because they became criminals not because of lack of funds,they actually started to enjoy killing


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