Nigeria At 60, Woman Narrates Nigeria’s Ordeal In Pictures

Inem Esit

Today, Our Beloved country Nigeria Celebrates her independence from the British rule, this c.

Our country Nigeria became a British protectorate in the year 1901 and her colonization under the British rule lasted till 1960 after her citizens succeeded in gaining their freedom and Nigeria became a republic 1963.

Every October 1st, Citizens of Nigeria get to sit back reflect on the journey after Independence which the country has gone through so far; pointing out at the areas which the country needs to sit up and areas that need improvements.

In a bid to celebrate Nigeria on her 60th year after independence, a young lady took some creative photos to show some deplorable states of the country which need attention both from the citizens and the government.

The young lady took some really interpreting photos and her caption is really touching for every Nigerian living in Nigeria as she asked some questions concerning the current state of our great Nation Nigeria.

(Below is her caption, read for yourself)

After 60 years of gaining independence and becoming a republic, the citizens are right to expect our leaders to have taken our beloved country to a certain stage where some problems which we have become familiar with; a bad road, bad facilities etc, are eradicated forever.

However, the government is actually trying its best to bring the country to a first-class standard in no distance time.

As a familiar saying goes, a picture holds a thousand stories, so I leave it to you all to decode the stories in these beautiful images.

Never stop being a patriotic citizen of our great nation Nigeria, and never stop believing in one Nigeria.

We have been stronger together for 60 years, we will be together for a million years to come.


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