Sir Clem Azeigbemi
National Publicity Secretary

At the stakeholders of PDP Youth Assurance Movement meeting just concluded few minutes ago. We  keenly observed,  the Nigeria citizens  can no longer operate in this trajectory, as our policies are totally archaic and not  working in the present day Nigeria. 

Without mincing the National Coordinator’s (Prince Asunogie Tajudeen) in his  words, “the  three things working in Nigeria are , Insecurity, astronomical increase in the price of commodities and the fight by the political class to grab and or retain power in every election”.

The above calls for  a moment of sober reflection as a people, particularly at this time when our federalism has failed us. It is time for the political class to as a matter of urgency, have a paradigm shift and place more emphasis on the development of human capital, since our oil wells will soon  run dry in no distance time, and the question remains, what are we going to leverage on? 

Both developed and developing  nations who have been the buyers of our oil are now designing and exporting alternative sources of power. This is already having an adverse effect on our oil proceeds as the curve for oil demand keeps flattening.

As we celebrate the 61st independence anniversary of Nigeria today, it is very clear that most Nigerians are not happy but only suffering and smiling.

Until there is a paradigm shift by the political class,  Nigerians will continue gnashing their teeth in penury and state of despondency.

Even as it stands today, majority of her citizens who are youths are still not able to find a stable or common ground to key into either the economy and the political sector. We calling all stakeholders in Nigeria to see it as a duty to carry along the youths in all areas to better our tomorrow as a nation. Happy Independence to our dear nation. 

All hope are not lost yet. As our party the PDP, is coming in 2023, just like in 1999 to rewrite the decayed government left behind by military junta. We shall rewrite again the many wrongs of the APC and set the country on a path of recovery for nationhood.

God bless Nigeria.

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