Omoh T. Ojior, Ph.D.

Professor of Political Science

Executive Director/CEO

Onima Institute for Tradition and Development USA, Inc

(Mokole is Nigerian: Use it, NOT Libao which is Chinese)

          It is very important that every Nigerian who wants or need to be healthy may need to stay away from Chinese food products and some so-called “herbal Supplements” manufactured by the Chinese. The most important reason for the need to stay away from the food and supplement is that one who is not a Chinese does not know what the ingredients are of Chinese made foods and herbal products.  In this day and age, ingredients of products especially food, canned or bottled, are written on the bodies of the containers.  This is to allow people to know what they are about to purchase for their use.  This is very important because in Africa and in Nigeria for example, there are things that people forbid to touch or eat because such things or food items will injure or kill them if they eat such items in the food or other things. In America for another example, people are allergic to so many things, which is why there is a law that mandates manufacturers to list the ingredients of every food products, medicines, health and herbal supplements on the containers to help people make informed choices.

            The purpose of this article is to call the attention of Nigerian Authority and the National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control NAFDAC, to inspect more closely, drugs, medicines, foods and herbal supplements coming or being smuggled, and or imported from China to Nigeria. Nigerian citizens need to know what they are eating or putting into their mouths to be swallowed.  There are many things that many Nigerians forbid.

Long Rich (Libao)

            As I am sitting here writing this article, many Nigerians are swallowing “Libao” a supposed fertility Supplement for men and Mengquian for women, manufactured by Long Rich International with it office headquarters in Jiangsu, China.  From my search, it would appear that the global size of Long Rich is its very large signboards or signposts mounted conspicuously as seen or shown in its website. In other words, the impression the company creates is that the company is large outside China and in Africa.  Of course, the company is very large in the mouth of the Nigerian and Ghanaian marketers of Long Rich’s products in West Africa.  The company is said to be global because it has satellite offices outside China. There is a small office of Long Rich in Norwalk, California, USA with about three or four staff; only one out of them speaks Chinese.  The manager does not speak English. The Company is an online business in Canada with a physical or contact address in Vancouver, British Canada. None of the two countries, USA or Canada allow the sales of Libao in their countries for obvious reasons that will be made know in this article.  The California office at Norwalk has only two liquids which are cosmetics, for sale.     

            Long Rich claims it is a Bioscience research and a Limited liability company.  One may think that “Libao” is the name of the supplement in question.  One hears most Nigerian marketers of the product say, Libao Supplement. The Supplement is not Libao.

            What is Libao?  Libao is “a cross platform audio library that allows programs to output audio using a simple API (Application Programming Interface?) on a wide variety of platforms.” According to Longrich, “Libao is designed to make it easy to do simple output using various audio devices and libraries,” and “For this reason, complex audio control features are… Longrich Male Fertility and Strong Erection Booster Supplement.”  However, I am not a Radio or an Audio Engineer, therefore I am unable to clearly say what this explanation here means, but I can tell that Libao by its definition here in my search, according to Long Rich or the Chinese, “Libao” is not the name of the Supplements being marketed in a big way and sold to Nigerians as we speak.

            Further in my investigation, and according to a staff of Long Rich America Int’l, “Libao contains zaocys dhumnade, Adder and snake penis…….”  These are supposed to be the ingredients of the Male Fertility Supplement.  We went further to check for what Zaocys is?  My search reveals that “Zaocys” is a genus of snake family colubridge, in other words, it is a scientific name for Black striped Snake that feeds mainly on frogs, lizards, sh, rodents and so on.  “Dhumnades are rat snakes or ratsnake.”   Adder is a small Eurasian snake that has a dark zigzag pattern on its back and bears live young.”  Snake penis, “A hemispenis (plural) is one of pair of intromittent organs of male squamates (snakes, lizards, and warm lizards).  Hemipenes are usually held inverted within the body and are everted (back-to-back) for reproduction via erectile tissue, much like that in the human penis.”  It appears there are “13 Longrich Fertility Supplement,” including “Libao for Men and Mengquian for Women.”

            Please, no one should misunderstand me.  Longrich International Ltd and their herbal supplement may be effective in curing diseases and what have you.  I am not saying that snakes parts and snake penis, lizards, wall gecko, human remains and body parts, rats, warms and vulture meats, properly put together may not cure any ill health and body defects or diseases in the human body.  What one is requesting is that whatever ingredients are constituted in a supplement, they should by moral and ethical precepts be written on the containers of the supplement, especially if it is for human consumption.

            One does not blame the Chinese for all the rubbish they are doing with prejudices, hatred and determined racism in Africa and to the Africans in Africa’s homeland.  One must blame the Nigerians who dearly need to regard themselves as precious human beings; but due to derailment in ignorance, greed and inappropriate leadership or ruler-ship, Nigerians are failing to place appropriate values and interests in themselves and their own people. Nigerians excel in all except loving one another or each other, a consequence of British colonization in which menticide may have been deployed.  What is menticide?

                                (“An organized system of psychological intervention and judicial perversion, in which a powerful tyrant synthetically injects his own thoughts and words into the minds and mouths of the victims he plans to destroy by mock trial, may well be called menticide. …..Menticide is an attack on man’s very mind, on his sovereign will and conviction. …….….”                            E. Leland E. Hinsie, MD et al 1960, p.457).

                                    Could this be far from the reason many Nigerians always prefer foreign products and idea over their own?

            How else could the Chinese come to Nigeria to dictate what China and Chinese must pay for what Nigeria have that the Chinese do not have?  Is there any reason for China to dictate the terms of interactions over what Nigeria and Nigerians own, in Nigeria? China cares for its people due to Mao’s Cultural Revolution that brought about a principle of “China and Chinese First” The right leadership will bring about Nigeria and a Nigerian first; it will happen.

            Nigerians deserve better in their own homeland than what they are getting from their stranger-visitors, the Chinese.  One is not concerned with what China is doing in other countries. The Chinese are allowed by our misguided rulers in ignorance to build our vital infrastructure, such as rail-roads, highways, bridges and ports at such over inflated loans with high interest rate at the expense of the future of our children.

            The Chinese have already taken over some countries in Africa who could not pay and defaulted in their loan repayment given by the Chinese.  Will Nigerians allow that to happen?  I cried when I saw on street sings in Lagos, Chinese language characters alongside Yoruba language on a Signpost.  Is this Lagos or Benign, I enquired; is this Eko Adele? I could not understand it.  Where are the great Nigerians who made Lagos the pride of Africa? The Azikiwes, Awolowos, Akinfosiles, Kolawole Baloguns, the J. M. Johnsons, the Tos Benson,  the Chief Fani Kayode, the Adelabus, who single handedly drove the White British away from Ikoyi in Lagos?  Could Tai Solari have allowed the Chinese to put up a signpost on a street in Lagos?

            In addition the Chinese are deliberately manufacturing artificial food products, some with human remains and body-parts and smuggling them into Africa without a challenge from our customs and our law makers.  Where are our Intelligence forces? The other day in the social media, America was alerting Nigeria that millions of illicit drugs and herbal supplement made in China with baby placentas .and other human remains where being smuggled into Africa.  Most of such immoral items will quickly find their way into Nigeria because of our people who do not check as long as it is from foreign country.  Many people of other foreign countries do no really care if we die or not, as long as they can exploit us and what we have.  Probably “Libao” is one of the immoral and unethical creations of the Chinese.

            In most powerful nations, the people evolve and develop themselves from within and not from without.  No human species with wisdom will abandon his own to pursue that of another; man improves on his or her own behaviours, in other words, man improves on his or her own ways of life and not run away from it and become what one was not meant to be by Divine Authority.  There is mokole ni ile Yoruba.  Mokole is “man-power” in pigeon English, and it is for men who are weak and are unable to effectively make love to their female partners and for others who are weak as a result of advancement in age. There is abundant of this potent herbal remedy in Yoruba land. There are many forms and types of the remedy throughout Nigeria.  Many of our orthodox medical practitioners should be advised to stop condemning most of our traditional and herbal remedies as concoction, therefore illicit.  Equally, some of our physicians should be advised to stop disturbing some of our traditional healers. In the 1970s in the USA, Acupuncture was not acceptable as a potent healing means.  The Chinese did not abandon the use, but today, it is not only accepted as a safe and harmless remedy, the insurance companies now honor the receipts from acupuncture treatment in the US.  Let us refine our system and Nigerians to respect their own heritage and legacy and improve on what needs to be improved upon.

            There are many Nigerian aggressive women who are all over the air waves, internet, Face book, WhatsApp and other avenues advertizing, hawking and marketing the same Supplements that is not allowed into US and Canada.  Yes, the Long Rich Int’l is in California, but Libao is not one of the two products allowed into the country. Nigerians do not consume or eat everything under the Sun and not everything under the Earth as well.  We do not eat lizards, frogs, many types of snakes and warms, human flesh and baby placenta.  Many Nigerians forbid many things that are eaten by other people in other parts of the world.  We eat our traditional foods well cooked; we do not ear them raw, and plenty fruits and green leaves.

            In this matter, one would like to recommend that authorities should mount a heavy campaign against the presence in the country of Libao, its purchase and use of so-called “Libao Supplement” by Nigerians.  To show that Authorities in Nigeria care and have the love and wellbeing of the people at heart, efforts to retrieve the smuggled immoral product should be deployed.  Those who are the present marketers in the country should be requested to turn in the illicit “Libao Supplement” in their possession with a refund by Government of the money they unknowingly invested.  This is because the citizens were exposed to fraud-stars without protection from Authority.  Customs and NAFDAC need to be more vigilant to ensure that things of this nature do not occur in the country.  Nigeria is capable of ensuring the safety of its citizens.  I made contact with two women in Nigeria who sell libao. One sounds disappointed when I informed her of the ingredients; she told me that she will stop selling Libao.  The other woman was angry with me when I asked her if she knows the ingredients in what she sells. She said that she was not a Dr. to know what is in the capsules, and this lady said that she had lived in America, yet she forgot that there is no food product without label in America.

Finally, it is very important and it is to the advantage of every Nigerian to read the label on products that are coming into the country before buying. Especially, Nigerians should learn to discriminate foreign edibles with a view to promoting and protecting Nigeria’s local interests in all things.  I have being interacting with herbs and herbalism since February 1972. Nigerian herbs, roots, leaves, vines and barks from our Soil are very potent, safe and work better and cure most Nigerian illnesses. For example, Agbo Eba or Iba, properly prepared and used as it should, cures Malarial quicker and better than most other tablets that breakdown the body of the sick than the sickness itself. This is not to say that some tablets do not work.  Government and our law makers need to provide the resources and public policies that allow  our scientists to collaborate with our traditional healers to standardize and stabilize Nigerian healthcare system. Let us fall in love with ourselves and what is ours.  Let us leave the Chinese and their medicines alone because no one knows what they use to make them.  Just think about it; how do you expect those who  hate you for what you are to give you the medicine that will cure you when you fall sick?  And tell me: can those who make plastic Rice and sell them to you to eat and die have the desire to cure you when you are ill?


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