No billionaire made it through salary – Soberekon

Soso Soberekon Nigerian talent manager, has taken to his Instagram page to share some nuggets with fans.

According to the celebrity, money does not come to a person because he/she is religious. He said that money is only made through one’s ideas and capabilities.

He also said that if a person works or provides services, then he or she would have money. A person would not make money if he/she rely only on prayers but do not work.

The talent manager added that no billionaire ever made it through collecting salaries. He wrote: “No Billionaire mad it through salary. Money does not come to you because you’re religious. Money responds to your ideas and capabilities. It’s a universal format that works for everyone. If you work, do business, provide services or engage in production, you will have money. Pray from Jericho to Jerusalem without doing any of the aforementioned activities, you will continue to shout i receive it or i claim it.”

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