Lucky Efese

Members of the Reformed Ogboni Confraternity Cult Group in Ikpoba Hill, Benin City, Edo State, have declared a middle-aged man Ebadan Michael Ehis, wanted over his refusal to join the cult group to take the position of his late father, Ebadan Patrick, who was a strong member before his demise on the 3rd December 2014.
It would be recalled that the Ogboni cult members, had two weeks after the death of their founding member, Ebadan Patrick, started threatening to force his eldest son, Ebadan Michael Ehis, to join in line with the directives of hios late father, even though he never knew from onset that his late father was an ardent member and as he refused, because of his Christianity, the ogboni cult members started threatening to kill him for disobeying them.
Speaking with Journalists, an impeccable source , who, was an eye witness that gave detailed accounts of how the matter started, but failed to disclosed his identity for fear of being killed, said that trouble started between the ogboni cult members and Ebadan Michael Ehis, after he (Ebadan Michael Ehis) refused and as such some of the fierce-looking  cultists were trailing him to the extent that they accosted him at Ikpoba Hill Axis in Benin City when they attempted to abduct and kill him but he was lucky to escape after seeing them to be those trying to force or mount pressure on him to join   the deadly ritual cult group.
The source further said that disappointed by the development, the ogboni cult members, who felt embarrassed by his escape, openly threatened to kill him if seen, continuing that it was an aberration for an eldest son of a deceased member to turn down the already laid down rules and hearing about their continued threats, Ebadan Michael Ehis therefore resorted to report the matter at the police station where he was disappointed to have noticed that the police have been influenced to frustrate his case even without recourse to the law which protects his fundamental human rights .
The source added that when it became done on him that he would not get justice particularly against the backdrop of the high level of the ogboni cultists plans to track him down at the station and to also trace him to their house to actualize their dastardly minded acts, he (Ebadan Michael Ehis) further escaped, , to an unknown place, especially when they had hitherto laid siege for him  on several weeks without getting him , stressing that the ogboni cultists who had been going rampage to look for him, are still threatening to kill him even if it takes them twenty years to get him, affirming that his late father attained a very enviable position in the cult which he also told them to allow his son to assume after his demise, an act his late father premeditated but unknown to his son, Ebadan Michael Ehis that his late father entered into a secret covenant with the cultists in that regard.
The source, however, appealed to the relevant authorities that may be privileged to come across him to protect him and prevent him from coming to meet his waterloo in the hands of the deadly ogboni cultists who are bent on destroying the lives of the youths and younger generations to actualize their surreptitious motives and coupled with the facts that the public had lost confidence in the police who aid and abet criminalities in the country.        

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