One Of The Achievements Of The MOU Governor


Another laudable MOU success story…
On a land of about 14,000 hectares in Odighi community, located in Ovia North East local government area of Edo State, the Edo State government in partnership with Agro Allied Resourcing and Processing Nigeria Limited, long commenced a massive palm plantation project since April 2019.

The Senior Manager of the project, Mr. Jonathan stated that the present stage is to plant and groom the seeds in the nursery before they will be moved to the main field. He mentioned that for three (3) months, the seeds are planted in a pre-nursery stage where they are fertilized, sprayed, and given other necessary upkeep as suggested by the agronomist on site, Mr. Agus, before they are moved to the main nursery.
About 750,000 seedlings (75%) have already been transferred to the main nursery and are being serviced through the block irrigation system. In order for the block irrigation system to be effective, there is a tank that supplies one (1) million litres of water to the main nursery; the plants are injected with a litre of water in the morning and another in the evening, in a drip system.

According to Mr. Jonathan, “because there will not be enough rain between November and March, the seedlings will only be fertilized enough and ready to be moved from nursery to the main field by April 2021.” He added that they still have a long way to go regarding planting and grooming even as they expect their first harvest in about 30 months’ time.

In 2019, Chairman, Dufil Prima Foods, Haresh Aswani said, “The plantation will serve as a source of raw materials for Indomie Instant Noodles, Power Oil, among others, which are all products manufactured by Dufil Prima Foods.”

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