By Amb Bright Negbenehi Okoebor

Its almost 6 years in Government I really do not see the achievements of this current Government although there is still 3 more years to turn things around.

Governor Obaseki should know that Edo people are good students of history when I look at Rivers State and some other states in the country I weep for our dear state…Edo government does not build schools,no good access roads,no youth empowerment,no new hospitals, almost all state own tertiary institutions are down I would have thought by now that Ikpoba hill axis of Benin,Sapele Road would have a fly over by now just to reduce the heavy traffic been experienced in the early morning rush it’s so disheartening to know that for years now it’s been fight fight fight from one court case to another how long shall this continue..

Mr Governor this was not the reason that made some of us work tiredlessly day and night even when we were giving offers to betray you we stood firmly by you…..

Mr Governor the task ahead is enormous there was a statement you made during the last election when the fight became tough I make bold to remind you and I quote “Politics is not a tea party”You ought to give peace a chance and get everyone together in harmony.

Mr Governor I am very aware that some set of individuals are fueling this whole crisis because they feel it is the only way they can benefit from your government what we call stomach infrastructure if you carry out investigation properly they have no political value …

On appointments made so far you have to make a rethink because some of this appointes have no political value in their consistuencies and the opposition party will capitalize on this flaws..2023 is around the coner Empower those that has the capacity to deliver because the old tactics of giving massive appointments at the last minute will not work because you will be disappointed with the results you will get at the end.

History will have it that if you must succeed you must invest greatly on human capacity development…

Lastly Mr Governor sir,with the current situation of things if something is not done in bringing peace and harmony back to our great party producing a successor will be a failed bid….Mr Governor please RESCUE EDO.

Politics is all about empowerment and delivering good governance to the people.

I pray you succeed in all your future decisions because the task ahead is unpredictable..

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