Pastor Ize Iyamu misfiring squad!

Precious Ikhimwin

Target has just been missed again by these Garbage of untrained and ill  learned self inflicted wandering aimless lions & tigers that make up a failed recycled remains of unrefined breeds of barricaded  justices loyal to a mean and confused man.

The current state of  Edo could be best described  as “the last minute quest for power between thugery and a sane man”
I know for sure, APC camp is disarrayed and subconsciously in deep thought of what to do next…. now that they have miraculously failed. 
But help me tell them to save their time, resource and energy for raining days ahead cos Gov. Obaseki is already miles gone 🏃🏽‍♂️so far away close to the finishing line of Governance… Anything done now by anyone or group to unseat him remains a fruitless journey
And it will take grace, special baptism and magical miracle with a minimum of twelve years learning time for anyone or group to catch up! 
So APC do yourself a favor; CALM DOWN, relax and get prepared for 2023 than running a won race and fighting a lost battle! 4 plus 4 don GBA! Be wise and stop witch-hunting yourself. It can really be so mind draining and life tiring to embark on such a directionless and purposeless journey! Refrain, realign and recheck your gauge if this is really worth the drama.

Obaseki and Philip are sagaciously ever ready to pilot Edo flight into another wonderland realm of  WAKE AND SEE mode, key into this today and start making your bookings now with your PVC@the polls
VOTE WISELY! Safe trip Edolites.

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