Pastor Ize-Iyamu Plan C Revealed

Pastor Ize-Iyamu Plan C Revealed!

Every political strategist will agree with me that he must have other plan(s) if the best that was hatched does not materialize. And it goes with the age-long saying that one should not put all his eggs in one basket.

Pastor Ize-Iyamu was to contest the gubernatorial election under PDP in 2020 but a manageable rift between him and Dan Orbih, the outgoing chairman of PDP, made him leave the party to where he felt it would be easier to get the ticket on a platter of diamond without much opposition. His thoughts were simple; Obaseki had fallen out with Oshiomole, the national chairman of the party. Secondly, Hon. P. Odubu who would have been a challenger was already settled with a board chairman. And thirdly, Oshiomole needed him more than he needed Oshiomole because Oshiomole was viciously scouting for a credibly popular person among the APC hopefuls. The others that came to fore were not anything to go by with; Engr. Ogionwonyi, Cheif Edebiri, General Charles (rtd) and other unknown bystanders who cannot win congresses in their wards. So on this basis, POI jumped ship and sailed to APC.

Immediately he got to APC with his Plan B, things started getting awry: Odubu was sacked from his supposed plum job as the NDDC Chairman, Obaseki was running them out of town with his tyrannical vindictiveness, whims and caprices and Oshiomole was having serious opposition in the party at the national level. It was not a smooth transition as POI had envisaged. However, he tugged on as if nothing was happening ontward.

Just recently, he came to the private realization that Oshiomole is going down. (How badly one feels when one’s hero goes to waste) The battle Oshiomole is facing at the national level will eventually consume him no doubt. He will be advised to resign to save the party. This will be the best for him second to him resigning before the NEC meeting on the 17th. And after he is forced to resign and loads of litigations on his head, his foot soldiers will be scatteree to the four walls of the earth, and beyond. What then will happen to POI?

POI is not popular in APC amid the tales of “going back home” and being a founding member… Odubu is more popular. So his Plan C will not be to go back to PDP; that will be politically suicidal.

His Plan C will be to go to a fairly unpopular party in Edo State like APGA, LP, AAC, YPP…to contest because he feels very popular among the millions of electorates.
If you notice it, POI has been going out to seek audience anywhere he can find outside the box of the APC party…and to me this is the only way out, for Obaseki will soon run most of them out of Edo State by sending them to exile like his tyrannical compatriot, Ganduje, did to Emir Sanusi.

Elempe Dele

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