PDP Crisis: Failed Stakeholders Meeting.

Yahaya Sanni

We will continue to expose the shenanigans of the APC elements in PDP that are bent on bringing disrepute to the party that have been pampered since 1999 till 2020 when these elements who’s passwords and usernames sound alike – ingrates!

A meeting of stakeholders was purportedly called in the instance of the state governor, His Excellency, Godwin Obaseki, and over 300 participants drawn from all the 192 wards in the state were invited for the meeting holding on the 2nd of October. You will expect that a governor who had made ‘forced vaccination’ his only infrastructural project would not call for the gathering of such huge numbers of persons to be gathered in one place owing to his rapturous claim that COVID-19 pandemic is his project to manage.

Secondly, it is an outright insult for such a meeting to be called and stakeholders who are men in their own rights and respected would be informed via the social media 24 hours before the meeting in Benin when the governor ought to know some of these leaders and stakeholders of the party don’t necessarily live in Benin. What stops him from giving them three to one week notice? What stops him from deploying resources so that apart from the social media publicity, each anticipated participant can be reached privately through SMS or other such means? Respect begets respect.

Thirdly, it has also been said that the peddled list was not issued by Mr. Hillary Otsu, the Secretary of the party in Edo State in collaboration with the secretary of the state, and that the signature therein was forged and some names that originally ought to be there and ought not to be there were trafficked. This shows how fraudulent these people can be.

And again, I wonder how a meeting for ‘conflict resolution’ (from all look of things) can have such a huge number in attendance. How can there be any meaningful deliberation if not for delinquency purpose with loudly drawn cacophony. “Let’s go and shout on top of our voices then leave in pieces!”

What exactly is the agenda? Meetings ought to have agendas so that participants can be prepared. What does the governor wish to discuss now that he forgot to discuss immediately after the election? Who is telling him he needs to consult with those who gave him platform to run? After making the most important appointments without consultations or inputs by these busy-body so ‘called leaders’ who will be there present to show good face to the governor, why now? Oh, the governor is known to be smart; like the fox and carrots, he will dangle the remnant appointments before their very eyes for either negotiations or blackmail, his eternal pass-time and commonplace activity, which he used for the downfall of Adams Oshiomhole, which people are now getting to know now, especially the PDP leaders who thought they knew one or two things APC members didn’t know about Obaseki when they offered him the ticket.

A leader or stakeholder who knows his onions will not attend such a checkered meeting which has been terminated before it even started based on fraud and outright disrespect for party leaders and stakeholders. There is no need to placate anyone in the old PDP; let Obaseki, the lordly governor, appoint all he wish to appoint to ‘his’ cabinet as the sole leader of the party. 2024 is not far off – nothing last forever, not even the most important things that are dear to our hearts.

I look at the Obaseki’s administration like worthless chattels we have lost in a fire – there is no need looking back to it. The plain truth is no Edo State citizen can truth Obaseki again.

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