The authorities of Nigerian Police, Akwa Ibom State Police Command, have launched a search warrant against one Sunday Peace from Utu-Edem village of the state over her inability to repay back the sum of N1million which her late father, Sunday Luke and late wife, Mrs. Sunday Patience, who was diagnosed and died of cardiovascular diseases collected.

It would be recalled that late Sunday Luke had in 2003 went to approach one Okon Monday for N1million loan which he agreed to pay back at a stipulated period and as such, he entered into a loan agreement which was duly signed in the presence of some police officers.

A source who was privy to the loan agreement, but does not want his name to be mentioned in print, said the conditions spelt out in the loan agreement was that in the event the said late Sunday Luke was unable to pay back the loan to the creditor, Okon Monday, he would give his daughter to the creditor.

The source further said that in 2005, the said Sunday Luke, who did not have the money to pay back the loan, died living their daughter, Sunday Peace, to face the challenges of life, regarding her ordeal as barely days of the death of her father, the creditor, Okon Monday in execution of the agreement, came to their house and ordered the them ten years old Sunday Peace, to as a matter of urgent importance, follow him to his village, even with recourse to the fact that the police were involved in the deal right from onset.

The source continued that the apprehensive Sunday Peace who could not utter a world shut up her mouth and as such the man continued to rape her and in the same vein, the son to Okon Monday, also raped her persistently and considering the maturity of the young girl, Okon Monday, who now became a serial rapist to the girl, indulged in the act until the young girl now 15years, got pregnant and she was threatened by the rapist because he gave her some substance which terminates the pregnancy and she started bleeding.

The source said that in 2015, the young Sunday Peace, who is suffering because of the loan collected by her late father, again got pregnant and at that point, she was confused as to who was the actual person between him and his son, Michael, who was duly responsible for it as they were both having sex with her uncontrollably, though at the end, he threatened the girl to admit to his wife that their son own the pregnancy, an act which influenced a spiritual attack and was inflicted with sickness. Having discovered that the young girl was sick, Okon Monday, callously reminded her of the need to pay the loan back to him through his son, who started to threaten her badly in the village.

The son of the creditor, then called the police to arrest her and jail her even though it was glaring that they had hitherto enslaved the poor girl, so the day they were to arrest and charge her to court, she narrowly escaped and ran to the bush and her escape further heighted the already tensed situation as the said Okon Monday drew the attention of her (Sunday Peace) village elders, to tell them about the loan problem and the elders who are traditionally inclined, frowned at the escape of Sunday Peace, by saying that it was a taboo for a girl who is not circumcised not to pay debt owed by her parents and that if she comes to the village, since she is no longer a virgin, the gods and ancestors will strike by causing untimely death among the females of her age group.

The source said that in late 2016 and December 29 2016, they proclaimed death on her if she does not leave the village and in addition they threatened to kill her to appease the god since she has committed sacrilegious act.

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