Popular Music Icon Responds to Woman Who Begged Him To Marry Her As His Second Wife

Inem Esit

The sad woman in question went on twitter to express her desire to wed popular Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold as his second wife.

This action was supposedly provoked out of the woman, by a Twitter post by Adekunle Gold.

Adekunle Gold had tweeted about one of the hit singles produced by fellow Nigerian singer, Tiwa Savage. Adekunle Gold tweeted that Tiwa Savage’s Dangerous Love is fire. 

A Twitter used replied Adekunle Gold’s tweet saying that AG Baby is sick”. AG Baby replied, 

“I’m not sick in Jesus’s name.”

A female fan then sent a tweet, saying that she wants to become Adekunle Gold’s second wife, since someone had already occupied the first position.

Adekunle Gold tweeted a funny reply back to the woman. View pictures below.

We can’t tell if the female fan involved meant her tweet to the famous music star or if she was joking. Adekunle Gold’s reply to her was iconic and as well funny. 

Adekunle is one of the most popular musicians in Nigeria and perhaps in Africa. He’s got great talent as well, as well as charming looks. These enviable qualities has endeared him to many Nigerians, among which his fans exist in their hundreds of thousands. It not a thing of doubt that one of his female fans made such request which may pass off as funny, and to some people unwarranted.

So it seems Adekunle Gold may have no intentions or plans of getting married a second time, as he seems satisfied with his first wife. We can see that from his dismissal of the request of the fan.

What’s your opinion on the request of the female fan and also on Adekunle Gold’s reply? I want to know. Drop your comments below. 

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