Pregnant Women Should Learn From The Death Of Mary Hyrine, A Pregnant Chelsea Fan

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Death comes in different ways and takes different routes. The end result though, remains the same, and leaves everyone affected totally devastated and depressed. Such is the vicious cycle of life and death.

Mary Hyrine was a pregnant young Lady from Kenya who loved all things Chelsea. As a result of this, she became a die-hard fan of the Blues. When you visit her wall on Facebook, you’d be treated to lots of pictures of her sporting the blue jersey which is a trademark of the Chelsea football club

On Saturday, the 8th day of August, Chelsea had a Match lined up against Bayern Zurich. That fateful morning, Mary Hyrine got up as usual excited to be alive. Few hours before the match which she had been looking forward to, began that evening, she made a Facebook post wishing her beloved team, Chelsea, wins.

Shortly afterwards, she headed to the arena where she was going to see the game with along with her fellow football lovers. While the match was still on, Mary Hyrine began to experience shortness of breath. She complained about this and while people were still somewhat engrossed in the match, Mary Hyrine suddenly slumped and died. It was only later that it was discovered that she had died of Hypertension. She has been having high blood pressure for a while now which could be attributed to the complications that came with pregnancy. It was really quite unfortunate.

While Mary Hyrine wasn’t legally married, she wasn’t exactly single. The father of her unborn baby is a young man who is a pharmacist. Unfortunately, Mary died along with her unborn baby. May her soul rest in peace. Mary’s demise brought sorrow to many of her fellow Chelsea fans, however, the circumstances surrounding Mary’s untimely death has thrown some light on the effect of exposure to unhealthy excitement on pregnant women, especially hypertensive ones.

The unfortunate death of Mary Hyrine has brought to our notice the dangers of some degrees of exposure, which are mostly underemphasized, on pregnant ladies. Here are two lessons which can be learnt from her untimely death.

Lessons To Learn From The Unfortunate Death of the Pregnant Mary Hyrine

1. Pregnancy is Delicate and should be treated as such: Any source of undue and unhealthy excitement or disappointments should be avoided like a plague. Recall that Mary was a die-hard fan of the Chelsea football club. According to the reports, Mary had been having a difficult time with her pregnancy and had experienced emotional imbalance which comes with pregnancy too. She could have sat this particular game out if she knew she would end up dying that fateful night.

2. Pregnant Ladies need a lot of rest especially at Night: According to medical research, pregnant women need lots and lots of sleep. When a pregnant lady isn’t getting enough sleep though, she’s liable to suffer from Preeclampsia or High blood pressure, Gestational diabetes and sometimes, they might not be able to birth their baby and would need to undergo a caesarian session. This C.S is mainly for pregnant women who sleep less than 6 hours everyday. Mary Hyrine, as a die-hard fan of Chelsea was obviously missing some quality sleep time trying to keep up with her club’s activities. This might have contributed to her death.

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