Re: APC Damaged and Destroyed Billboards.

Press Release

…PDP condemns act!
..Look inwards, APC advised!

In a desperate attempt to change the narrative, the APC vuvuzelas have gone to town making frivolous and unsubstantiated allegations against the PDP and the State Government over the destruction or damages to their billboards.

Let me make it categorically clear that PDP or the State Government have no hands in the destruction or damage to billboard posted by APC. We condemn the act!

However, we advice APC to look inwards as it is common knowledge that the APC is seriously divided, populated by known thugs and brigands in the many factions that exist within it.

Edo people have not forgotten how they resorted to bombing each others residences as they battled for their gubernatorial ticket. Edo people have not forgotten the treachery, blackmail, threats and counter threats employed to arrive at their predetermined candidate.

We are indeed surprised that a party made up of characters that throw bombs at each other at will, shoot at their party members while they are holding meetings, exported to other states to rig elections and is lagging behind in an independent opinion poll it conducted itself would contemplate that PDP or its Government would pay attention to its posters or billboards without messages and want them destroyed or damaged. On the contrary! The quality of the messaging on their billboards exposes APC as empty and having nothing to offer or motivate Edo people.

PDP and Edo State Government cannot be blackmailed or distracted by these baseless allegations and besides, Edo people are too political sophisticated to fall for this scam!

We will concentrate on our agenda of Resetting Edo for a better and brighter tomorrow and not loose sleep over the rantings of a political ant the APC has become.


Chris Osa Nehikhare

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